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Modern High School Ninja Girls Play Tag in Atami?!

Modern High School Ninja Girls Play Tag in Atami?!

Translated by Satomi Ohba

Written by Shinnosuke Saito

Shizuoka 2014.11.23 Bookmark


Do you know of these super high school ninja girls? This video was uploaded on YouTube in July 2014, and was shared around the world. For those who haven’t seen it yet, this post is to share the video.

First of all, take a look at the video! (3:26)

Atami of Shizuoka is a famous tourist spot in Japan

The video takes place in Atami-shi of Shizuoka prefecture, famous for its beautiful sea and steep slopes. A normal high school girl starts taking videos with her smartphone.


A friend runs away because she doesn't want to be taken, and the girl starts to chase her around. The great chase starts! Most of the high schools in Japan have uniforms, as in the high school of the video. The classrooms, tables, chairs, hallways and rooftop…everything is the same with a typical Japanese high school.


Their game of tag escalates and jumps out of school. The girls beautifully and lightly acrobat through Kinomiya Shrine, known as a spiritual spot, and Atami Castle built in the Showa era. The chasing around also takes place in shopping streets and alleys, where you can see everyday Japanese life.


In between, some Ninja words appear on the screen such as “MAKIBISHI” or “MUSASABI”. Ninjas are a function that acted behind the screens in assassination and secret service from the Kamakura era to Edo era. There are many unique Ninja tactics and episodes that make them famous around the world.


The play of tag ends at a beautiful sand shore of Atami. The thirsty girl takes out a drink from her bag and…?!

The great escape of a super ninja high school girl. I was stuck to the screen on the unpredictable scene changes. How did you like it?

Atami-city official HP: where the shots were taken

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