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Nine Hours Asakusa, Tokyo - A Stylish Capsule Hotel With A Norwegian Cafe!

Nine Hours Asakusa, Tokyo - A Stylish Capsule Hotel With A Norwegian Cafe!

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Nine Hours is a lodging that opened in Asakusa, Tokyo, in 2018. Staying here is reasonably priced, there are comfortable beds and pillows, a large storage area and social spaces, and a cafe serving delicious breakfast and coffee.

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Nine Hours - A Capsule Hotel for the Modern Traveler

About how much time do you spend in your hotel when traveling? Though some guests enjoy relaxing in their hotel right up until the time they leave, some prefer to promptly check-out and be on their way.

However, if you plan to do lots of sightseeing and also have a good rest in your room, the ideal amount of time spent in your hotel might be around nine hours.

nine hours

Nine Hours is a popular capsule hotel located in Japan's major cities like Tokyo and Osaka, Kyoto, and Sendai.

The hotel's name, Nine Hours, represents what can be considered the ideal amount of time for guests to spend in their hotel: one hour for washing and cleaning up, seven hours for sleeping, and one hour for getting ready for your day.

Nine Hours lodgings try to create the most comfortable atmosphere for busy travelers and those on business trips. It is now a popular accommodation and has expanded to many parts of Japan.

In September 2018, Nine Hours Asakusa opened its doors for business.

Nine Hours Asakusa - Its Exterior is a Miniature Version of Asakusa!

【東京】為住宿訂下理想數字的人氣膠囊旅館「nine hours 淺草」

Picture courtesy of Nacasa & Partners

Nine Hours Asakusa was designed by well-known Japanese architect, Akihisa Hirata.

The hotel's building is meant to resemble the local Asakusa neighborhood, filled with izakayas, souvenir stores, shops specializing in artwork, and other retail outlets.

The exterior looks just like a series of shops that are overlapping with each other.

Get a Panoramic View of Asakusa!

nine hours

Many hotels have their check-in counter on the first floor as a convenience for their guests. However, Nine Hours Asakusa has their check-in counter on the top (ninth) floor.

nine hours

Picture courtesy of Nacasa & Partners

The lobby of the hotel is on the ninth floor, as Nine Hours wants guests to see the view of Asakusa from the large glass windows on this floor while they check in.

nine hours

There's a shared space in the hotel where visitors can bring in their outside food and drinks and social with other guests.

nine hours

Inside the hotel, there's also a treadmill for travelers who would like to exercise during their trip. It's the same type of treadmill used by American major league baseball players.

A Simple Design for a Comfortable Night's Sleep

nine hours

The accommodation area, with its simple black and white color scheme resembles outer space

The capsule units (sleeping chambers) are placed intentionally so that they aren't aligned with the corresponding capsule either above or below it. By doing so, vibrations and noise from one capsule to another are minimized when guests are moving about in their respective chambers. Guests in the upper capsules can easily climb down to the floor area without disturbing their neighbors (see picture above).

nine hours

The pillows are the result of a joint collaboration between famous Japanese designer Fumie Shibata, and Kitamura Makura, a well-known pillow manufacturer in Japan.

Unable to forget their incredibly restful night's sleep at Nine Hours, many guests have also purchased some of these pillows which are sold on the hotel premise in Asakusa.

Body Soap Ideal for Sensitive Skin

nine hours

The bright and spacious sink area is fresh, neat and tidy, and feels luxurious.

In the shower room, guests will find soap made by the famous Japanese brand, TAMANOHADA (Japanese). It's a gentle soap that's suitable for sensitive skin.

The soaps change with each season: in the summer there's a cool and refreshing mint soap, and in the winter there's a soap with the fragrance of ichijiku, or Japanese fig.

Storage Space for Valuables and Oversize Luggage

nine hours

When staying at a capsule hotel, a commonly occurring problem is a lack of storage space for your suitcase and other belongings.

In addition to a special storage area for valuables, Nine Hours also has a free space for storing over-sized baggage.

Fuglen - Breakfast at a Popular Cafe from Norway!

nine hours

The first floor of Nine Hours is occupied by a cafe called Fuglen (Japanese).
If you choose the breakfast plan, you'll be able to enjoy coffee and baked goods here in the morning.

Hotel Plan (Breakfast included)
Breakfast ticket: You'll receive this ticket when you check-in. Present this ticket in the cafe for your breakfast.
Drink: Choose from the coffee of the day, a cafe latte, or a cappuccino.
Baked goods: Choose from the daily selection of bread.

nine hours

Picture courtesy of Nacasa & Partners

Fuglen is a sophisticated cafe that is popular with photographers and young visitors.

The cafe originated in Oslo, Norway. There are only three locations worldwide. The very first shop started in Oslo, the second location opened in Tokyo's Shibuya area, and the third location is the one here in Asakusa.

nine hours

Fuglen Asakusa's coffee is characterized by its lightly roasted beans, which bring out their natural aroma and umami flavor.

The bread is particularly delicious, made with wheat from Norway and Japan's Hokkaido region, creating a rich and distinct fragrance and a crispy outside texture.

nine hours

The cafe also has Norwegian-style waffles, a tasty dish that is hard to find in Japan. You won't be able to get enough of its satisfying crunchy texture!

Nine Hours Asakusa - A Stay in the Heart of Tokyo

Are you wondering where to stay when you visit Tokyo? We suggest using Nine Hours as your base lodging to enjoy your travels in Tokyo.

In cooperation with Nine Hours Asakusa, Fuglen Asakusa

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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