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Visit Hakuhinkan Toy Park - Ginza's Incredible Toy Shop

Visit Hakuhinkan Toy Park - Ginza's Incredible Toy Shop

Visit Hakuhinkan Toy Park - Ginza's Incredible Toy Shop

Translated by Moeko Noda

Written by UCHACA

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If you are looking for interesting, Japan-limited toys, exciting souvenirs, or something unusual while shopping in Ginza, make your way to Hakuhinkan Toy Park. You won't be disappointed by the amazing variety of products lining their shelves.

Translated by Moeko Noda

Written by UCHACA

Ginza is known as an area lined with world famous high-end fashion boutiques – but did you know that there is a toy shop amid the glimmer and glitz of the prestigious Ginza area? The store carries about 200,000 kinds of toys, starting from the basement floor all the way up to the 4th floor. There are restaurants on the 5th and 6th floors, and the 8th floor has a theater.

The name of the toy shop is Hakuhinkan TOY PARK.

The store opened in Ginza in September 1982, and is dedicated to toys only. Other than the main store in Ginza, there are seven chain stores in Narita Airport, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office, New Chitose Airport, Kansai Airport, Haneda Airport, and Chitose Outlet Mall Rera.

Let's take a tour through the store!

B1 Floor

This floor is the Fashion Doll Park. Many varieties of dolls and their related items are sold here.


There are expensive limited products as well, such as this Ricca-chan doll who is wearing real diamond jewelry.


1st Floor

This floor carries fancy goods and souvenirs. These below are green tea Kitkats and wasabi Kitkats, both of which make popular souvenirs.


A wide range of goods are sold here. Below is an educational toy that children can use to make their own unique snacks.


Smartphone cases and stands, whose designs are inspired by Japanese food.


Accessory cases that look like seafood. These are difficult to find anywhere else!


Strange-looking clocks, fun kitchen goods, stationary, and party goods are all packed in this floor.

2nd Floor

This floor sells stuffed toys and character goods. You can find numerous products such as Disney products, Hello Kitty items by Sanrio, Monchhichi character goods, and others here.


Hello Kitty stuffed dolls dressed in kimono are popular souvenirs from Japan.


In fact, the most popular or best selling items at Hakuhinkan Toy Park have multilingual displays.


On this floor traditional Japanese items and Japanese toys that have been around for ages are also sold.

3rd Floor

The toys sold on this floor are mainly educational toys, meant to suit certain ages of child development, and include wooden toys, radio controlled items, and of course toys for infants and toddlers. Here you will also find imported toys that may not be available in any other shops in Japan.


The area dedicated to Anpanman goods is filled with products with multilingual displays, reflecting its recent popularity among Chinese visitors.


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