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Relax At AIN SOPH.soar, A Vegan Restaurant In Ikebukuro

Relax At AIN SOPH.soar, A Vegan Restaurant In Ikebukuro

Translated by Shoko Naito

Written by Madoka Nakamura

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AIN SOPH.soar is a well-known vegan restaurant close to Ikebukuro Station in Tokyo. From curry to plant-based hamburgers and matcha parfaits, the nutritious, flavorful food here will satisfy all diners. This hidden city oasis is the ideal place to enjoy a vegetable-filled meal or dessert.

AIN SOPH.soar - A Vegan Food Oasis in Ikebukuro, Tokyo


Just east of Ikebukuro Station and a walk down Sunshine 60 Dori street is AIN SOPH.soar, an entirely-vegan restaurant nestled in this quiet corner of this busy Tokyo neighborhood. Part of the vegan group of AIN SOPH restaurants with branches in Tokyo and Kyoto, soar provides all diners with a relaxing, fulfilling experience of colorful and flavorful plant-based eats, beverages, and sweets.


The logo of the restaurant is an image of angel wings flying high up in the sky, inspired by the name of the restaurant.

Calm Lighting and Interior for a Special Meal


Though the basic color is white in the restaurant, soft lighting produces a calm atmosphere. The restaurant has a glamping theme that will make you feel like you're having a campout in this city oasis,

There are table seats, sofas, and a private room which has table seats for four to eight people. Reservations in advance are recommended for those with a seating preference. The official website (available in English and Japanese) allows for online reservations.

A Plentiful, Seasonal Menu at AIN SOPH.soar


Take a seat, and the staff will bring you a glass of water and a menu. The menu is written in both Japanese and English and is labeled with the allergens in each, from wheat to soy, to nuts. Dishes made without the five pungent roots* and gluten-free options are also available: be sure to confirm with an employee to see what is possible.

The menu contains a plethora of delicious options, from salad sets to curries, to hamburgers and parfaits. Every item on the menu is vegan and made with high-quality ingredients. Many dishes utilize seasonal vegetables, fruits, and other special ingredients, so each is visit fun, no matter how many times you visit.

*Five pungent roots: garlic, shallots, leeks, ginger, scallions.


This lunch dish contains salad, brown rice, and a vegetable soup of the day. The vegetables in the salad are fresh and arranged beautifully in a serving dish, and the brown rice and soup are full of flavor.


Pictured above is a coconut-infused curry with lotus root. The side dish changes depending on each season.


Vegan cheesecake and pumpkin ice cream are shown in the picture above: the desserts provide a refreshing sweet treat, just right for after the meal. Of course, all desserts contain zero dairy products, eggs, honey, and no animal-derived products.

Drinks and dessert are available at any time of the day.

AIN SOPH is also famous for its pancakes with fruits, brownies, and parfaits. Every dish is made carefully, with care put into the flavors and details of each dish.

Sweets to Go - Vegan Omiyage!


The front displays cookies and other sweet products to go in neat, stylish packaging. Vegan baked sweets may make a great souvenir ("omiyage" in Japanese) for yourself or your friends.

AIN SOPH.soar is highly popular among vegans, vegetarians, and health-conscious diners looking for a satisfying meal. This oasis in Ikebukuro provides healthful, playful dishes that will delight all.


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