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"K's House Kyoto" Offers You a Pleasant Stay, an Accommodation in Kyoto!

Translated by NaomiAbe

Written by UCHACA

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Kyoto is one of Japan's oldest capitals where ancient shrines, temples, historic sites, architectures, and cultural heritages remain as they were. A lot of people come to visit the city from all around the world.


I'm going to introduce you a New Zealand style reasonable accommodation called K's House Kyoto, where 90 percent of the guests are from abroad, all the staff speaks fluent English and all the written information in the facility is in English.

First Floor: Main Entrance and Cafe


K's House Kyoto is located about ten minutes on foot from Kyoto Station. Look for a sign with large letters and a modern cafe. The cafe serves alcoholic beverages in the evening and buffet breakfast (780 yen) in the morning. Right after you enter the building, you are requested to take off your shoes and change to a pair of scuffs. Then English speaking staff will take care of your chek-in.


You can use the message board in the hall to leave a message to your friends. On the walls in the hall, you can get information on events and excursion programs for the week and cultural experience programs held by K's House Kyoto. You can also find basic tourist information on Kyoto.


Other information you can find here includes how to spend in rainy days, how to get to the Kansai International Airport, souvenir suggestions, and a map of Kyoto city.


For long-term guests, they post information about nearby cities around Kyoto including Nara, Hiroshima, Okayama, and Ise (where Ise Grand Shrine is located).

Second Floor: Living and Dining Area

On the second floor, there are spaces to search information, review the day's activities, dine, do laundry, and socialize with other guests.


If you are pondering alone over a map, someone will talk to you to help.


Internet connection is available (100 yen/30 minutes).


The above Japanese room is for guests to get relaxed in the evening. When I stayed, some guests were eating Japanese sweets with tea they bought at some shop, while taking notes of the places they visited on their maps. Some were trying seiza (正座 sitting straight in Japanese style) and others were sharing information.

Second Floor: Kitchen

At K’s House, guests can use kitchen to cook foods that they brought for themselves, then use the dishes provided.


Spacey and clean kitchen.


You can keep your foods safe in these refrigerators.


You are asked to keep the kitchen clean so that every guest can use it pleasantly.


All waste has to be sorted.


You'll notice some information on Kyoto above free drink tables in dining areas. I saw many guests reading the information while waiting for hot water or bread to be baked.

Second Floor: Coin Laundry

On the second floor, besides shower rooms, toilets, lavatories, a balcony, living and dining rooms, and a kitchen, there is a laundry room, a necessity for a long-term guest.


One cycle of washing machine and dryer costs 300 yen including detergent. The laundry machines are often busy during the night, so I advise you to use them during the daytime.

Guest Rooms

Every room is equiped with an air conditioner (free of charge). Some rooms are provided with a television set. You can connect to the Internet through WiFi from anywhere in the building. A keycard is used to unlock a guest-room door.


You can choose from various room types: double, single, twin, tripple, dormitory, delux double and Japanese rooms. Every room looks very cozy.


The above photo shows a dormitory room. If you are traveling by yourself, you might meet people from other countries in a shared room. You can exchange information with them and get some multicultural experiences. Public areas and bedrooms are kept very clean, so you can stay with comfort.

Shower Rooms, Lavatories and Toilets

Shower rooms and lavatories are not separated for men and women. Since these facilities are kept clean by daily cleaning, there seems no concern regarding hygiene.


Shower rooms and toilets are located as shown above.


In lavatories, hair dryers and cleaning cloths are provided. An Italian lady who stayed here on the same day with me told me "I'm going to remember what I learned here; a practice to clean the place I've just used for the next person."

Movie Night and Cultural Experience Programs

For guests who stay long period and want to learn Japanese culture:


They coordinate Movie Night on every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings starting at 21:00. They usually show Japanese movies such as Studio Ghibli animations. They also offer cultural experience programs including Japanese calligraphy and origami paper craft on every Tuesday.

Rooftop Terrace

If you go to the rooftop, you can get a nice view of Higashiyama area. You can also enjoy the night view.

How do you think?

You rarely have a chance to use Japanese while staying in K's House. For people who come from abroad, this is certainly a very comfortable place to stay. If you are looking for a bit different experience in Kyoto, K's House Kyoto is one of the best choices, for sure!


Address: 418 Nayacho, Shichijo-agaru, Dotemachi-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
Reception: 8:00-22:00
Open everyday throughout the year
Wi-Fi: Available
Credit card: VISA, Master, AMEX, JCB
Language: English and Japanese
Written information: English and Japanese
Closest station: Kyoto Station
Access from JR Kyoto Station
1. From Chuo Exit of Kyoto Station, proceed along Karasuma-dori (烏丸通 a street on the right side of Kyoto Tower) toward north.
2. After crossing Shichijo-dori (七条通) at the next wide intersection, turn right.
3. Proceed along Shichijo-dori for 5 - 6 minutes.
4. After crossing Kawaramachi-dori (河原町通) at another wide intersection, turn left at the first street (one-way street to north).
5. A 6-story white building located 50 meters ahead of you is K's House Kyoto.
Fee: 1980 yen - 4500 yen per person
Information on religion: Not available
Phone: 075-342-2444
Fax: 075-342-2440
Website K’s House Kyoto

Kyoto Travel Guide

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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