Elegant Products Made In Japan - A Selection From Tokyu Hands

Elegant Products Made In Japan - A Selection From Tokyu Hands

If you are looking for something refined to remember your time in Japan by, then visit Tokyu Hands, whose selection of high quality, made in Japan products can't be beat.


We have asked this before, but what do you think of when you hear ‘made in Japan’? Of course you can find many fun pop culture items in Japan, but since you’ve come all this way, wouldn’t you like to purchase something truly special for yourself too?

At Tokyu Hands you can many refined items that will carry the artisanry of Japanese craftspeople back home with you.

Modern Takes on Classic Tenugui


Tenugui are a type of towel that has been a popular commodity in Japan for ages, but at Tokyu Hands, you can see several varieties of new, modern tenugui that are of impeccable quality.


These tenugui are made from natural cotton and are very gentle on the skin. They are available in numerous stylish designs, such standard Japanese motifs of manekineko (the beckoning cat), Mount Fuji, cherry blossom prints, and many more.
Made using traditional weaving and dyeing techniques that the Japanese are quite proud of, you are certain to find these towels useful anywhere you go. Or, if you find that you can’t bring yourself to use them, they also make beautiful interior decorations when framed.

They are great souvenirs as well, as they are light and can easily be packed in any suitcase. Why not pick up several for your friends, or for yourself?

Ebesuya Tenugui Towel
Price: 1000 yen +tax per towel

Gold Maki-e Pens


Japanese ballpoint pens in general are a very popular souvenir, but if you are looking for something particularly special, then we recommend heading to the stationery corner of Tokyu Hands. Here you will find some incredibly beautiful pens made with modern gold lacquer.


Gold lacquer or maki-e, is a traditional handicraft in Japan and involves the application of gold powder or leaf applied to wet lacquered items such as wooden trays or furniture, which is then dried and polished. In the modern technique, these patterns are printed in much the same manner, but on a silk screen instead of wood.


The patterns on these ballpoint pens are made by the modern gold lacquer technique. The shiny black base, the golden colour, the bright lacquer patterns - the beauty of them makes them almost entrancing, doesn’t it?
Modern Gold Lacquer Gel Ballpoint Pen
Price: 4000 yen +tax each

Craftsmen's Techniques Shine on Japanese Kitchen Knives


When it comes to made in Japan products, kitchen knives are strangely popular, and at Tokyu Hands, many different high quality blades from different manufacturers are available.

Some even come with elaborate designs and the names of the artisans worked into the blades themselves. Just by looking at their beautiful forms, the color of the metal and the fine edge of the blade, you’re sure to find yourself inspired to become a better cook.

Our recommendation is the Ran series produced by the knife brand Yaxell, which are made in Seki, Gifu prefecture, a city well-known for its knife and blade industry. The hatsuke, or process of sharpening the point of the knife, which is one of the most important parts of honing the perfect blade, is all done by hand by expert craftsmen.


When we were looking at the knives, we encountered a woman from France, who was looking for the right knife to carve meat with - you needn’t worry though, each product is clearly labelled with its proper use, whether that be for meat, vegetables or fish. And if you are wondering whether you can put these items in the dishwasher, or how to care for them, simply ask the staff. They are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Ran Santoku Bouchou
Price: 12,000 yen +tax

Bamboo socks, gold cosmetics and more are on the next page.

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