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Explore Asakusa And Tokyo Culture - Join MATCHA For A Walking Tour!

Explore Asakusa And Tokyo Culture - Join MATCHA For A Walking Tour!

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Join MATCHA for an exciting walking tour of Asakusa, one of the centers of Tokyo tradition. See Asakusa's major historical areas, like Sensoji Temple and the kitchen town of Kappabashi, and hidden local sites. You can also enjoy traditional candy-making!

Written by MATCHA

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Go on a Tour of Asakusa with MATCHA!

Asakusa is a major destination in Tokyo for travelers from all over the world. Within Asakusa is Sensoji Temple, which is considered to be one of the oldest temples in Japan's metropolitan capital. The Asakusa area is also famous for its classic and traditional character.

However, there is more to this neighborhood than temples and its traditional looks. Just past Sensoji Temple in Asakusa’s northern area is Kappabashi, home to countless famous Japanese kitchenware and cooking tools. Here you can encounter Asakusa's history and venture deeper into the neighborhood!

Cultural Walking tour in Asakusa
Cultural Walking tour in Asakusa
Cultural Walking tour in Asakusa
Cultural Walking tour in Asakusa

What to Expect on this Tour

Cultural Walking tour in Asakusa

Learn About Asakusa’s History and Temples

On this tour, you will learn about how Sensoji Temple was established, and what role it played in local people's lives.

We will walk around the grounds while learning about the most historical temple in Japan’s modern metropolis. Participants will be taught how to properly offer a prayer, receive an omikuji (fortune slip), and other traditional Japanese manners.

Make Your Own Traditional Candy Art at Ameshin

Cultural Walking tour in Asakusa

Picture from Edible Traditional Craftwork! Amezaiku Candy At Tokyo Skytree

You will also be able to make your own amezaiku, or traditional Japanese candy, inside a shopping area that boasts a history as a shoe wholesaler. Using the instructor’s model for reference, cut the warmed-up candy, get creative, and form it into the shape you want.

Venture into Deep Asakusa

We will also visit an interesting neighborhood north of Sensoji Temple that is often left out of the explanations of many guides. Here you will find a plethora of local shops popular in Asakusa. As this neighborhood is close to a geisha district, you may even get a glimpse of geiko, or Japanese performance artists, passing by.

Shopping at Kappabashi

Amateurs and professionals frequent Kappabashi, a lively shopping street filled with shops specializing in cooking tools, tableware, and restaurant supplies. You will come across the perfect Japanese cutlery or tableware when you visit!

During the tour, many photos will be taken by staff. These will be yours to receive for free, which you can share with friends and add to your memories.

Tour Details and How to Participate

This walking tour is held every weekday (Monday through Friday) starting at 10:45 am. The tour leaves from Kaminarimon Gate in Asakusa (Google Map). If you are interested in participating, please read the details below.

Price: 3,000 yen per person
Ideal for visitors age 12-65 years old

Participants will receive the following on this tour free of charge:
・Bottled water
・Local guide
・Photos taken by staff

*Please note that the cost of lunch and transportation to and from our destinations is not included in the tour price.

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