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Interview with Japanese idol group, "Denpagumi. Inc.," at TIMM Showcase Live

Interview with Japanese idol group,

Translated by MarutaMachiko

Written by MATCHA-PR

2015.01.21 Bookmark

"TOKYO INTERNATIONAL MU-SIC MARKET (TIMM)" was held from October 21(Tue) to 23(Thu) at GRAND PACIFIC LE DAIBA in Tokyo. TIMM, an official event of "CO FESTA (Japan International Contents Festival), is one of the largest gatherings for music industry in Ja


from left、Nemu Yumemi、Risa Aizawa, Mirin Furukawa, Ayane Fujisaki, Moga Mogami, Eimi Naruse

"TOKYO INTERNATIONAL MU-SIC MARKET (TIMM)" was held from October 21(Tue) to 23(Thu) at GRAND PACIFIC LE DAIBA in Tokyo. TIMM, an official event of "CO FESTA (Japan International Contents Festival), is one of the largest gatherings for music industry in Japan.

The event was jointly hosted by “TIFFCOM” and "TIAM" in film and animation industries as in the last year. (The entire program is called “Japan Content Show-case 2014.”) Many buyers came from overseas and a lot of active business talks were made in the three-day period. Every year, TIMM takes this opportunity to hold “TIMM Showcase Live” in the venue and also at “Zepp DiverCity Tokyo,” so that people in music related industries (buyers, promoters and the like) and media from overseas can experience the marvelous pop music in Japan. Many promising musicians and artists are given chances to perform on the stages.

Among those musicians “Denpagumi,inc.” is the only one having performed in the “TIMM Showcase Live” for three consecutive years. They have attracted fans worldwide. In our interview they talked how they are enthusiastic about live performances and promotions overseas.

* This interview was made together with a portal site, “JAPACOM ( which reports latest news and contents in Japan.


performance on "TIMM Showcase Live"①

── Congratulations on three-year consecutive performances in “TIMM Showcase Live.” Please tell me how enthusiastic about your live performances and how do you think.

Risa Aizawa:
Thank you very much. I felt uneasy to be a representative musician and perform on the stage of “TIMM Showcase Live,” but we are really happy now. Through our concerts in many countries, we became widely known and were allowed to perform in the “TIMM Showcase Live” for three years in a row. We know many music-related persons from overseas have come and see our stage. So we will do our best so that we may be able to go to countries where we haven’t been yet.

── You have held many concerts outside of Japan. Which country was the most impressive? Where do you want to go next?

India is the one, I guess. We all have strong impressions….favorably of course!

Eimi Naruse:
In Asian countries, the live performance in Taipei was impressive too.

Mirin Furukawa:
Japanese audio CDs have been sold better than local version. I shot so many pictures.

Nemu Yumemi:
Mirin-chan, you want to go to Bolivia, don’t you?

Mirin Furukawa:
Yes, I want to go to the lake Uyuni! It may be difficult to perform a live show, unfortunately....

Ayane Fujisaki:
I want to play in Italia, singing and tossing pizzas!
We may say, “Hello ! Denpagumi, inc.!,” tossing pizzas synchronizing with our poses. We may get an offer for a Pizza advertisement on TV. If it happened, it would be great!

Nemu Yumemi:
A new phrase, “we deliver a hot pizza to the world” may be good. Our catchphrase, “we deliver sweet and innocent songs to the world,” came from this kind of image.

Risa Aizawa:
We’ve been to France but in most cases we played in Asian countries. I want to go to New York, for example, to see reactions of audiences there, because I wonder if they have similar culture to our so-called “idol culture.”

Nemu Yumemi:
As to concerts, we will perform a live show in Thailand for the first time, on this weekend. Of course I am looking forward to it, and Thai cuisines, too. I want to eat lots of Chinese parsley and Tom Yum Goong (hot and sour prawn soup). And massage too!

Risa Aizawa:
We have many fans in Thailand. One of them presented us Tom Yum Goong Noodle before. It was so good! I will buy plenty of them for souvenirs.

Risa Aizawa:
After we began to go abroad for concerts, I feel much closer to the world regardless of actual distances. We can go to neighboring countries in few hours and can meet non-Japanese and perform a live show there.

Mirin Furukawa:
In our live shows in many countries, we sing "Sabotage" and "W.W.D." in some languages in the opening. I want to sing songs in our original language “Denpanese?” and I hope everyone come close to our world “Denpa Kingdom!”

"Sabotage" music video

"W.W.D" music video


Performance on "TIMM Showcase Live" ②

── New program『Denpa Jack 〜World Wide Akihabara〜』has started!

Thank you!

Nemu Yumemi:
It is very lucky that we can introduce “Akihabara Culture” as a leading group of the trend on TV (Fuji Television Network). We do our best to promote Akihabara and want more people to enjoy it.

MATCHA also runs the TV program.

── At the end of the interview, please give your messages to the world.

We, “Denpagumi, inc.” are a group of fanatic girls from Akihabara. We may perform a live show in your country someday. Please come and enjoy our live show when we go to your country. It would be our pleasure if you know not only “Akihabara culture” but also “Japanese culture” through our program.

We thank you for your continuous supports!


Performance on "TIMM Showcase Live"③

“Denpagumi, inc.” performed the closing in “TIMM showcase live” after this interview. Their overwhelming performances mesmerized Japanese lucky fans, invited guest in music industry and media from overseas. The first day of the event was closed with great success

Their live performances are also brought on a media "," a portal site bringing news of Japanese music. PROMIC (Foundation for Promotion of Music Industry and Culture) is the sponsor of TIMM. Check it!


【 official site/SNS】

【TIMM official site】



【Denpa Jack〜World Wide Akihabara〜】


Broadcasting hours: 26:40~27:10 on Sunday, on Fuji TV Network



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