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Sakura Japanese Sake KitKat - The Taste Of Hanami

Sakura Japanese Sake KitKat - The Taste Of Hanami

Written by MATCHA-NEWS

2019.03.11 Bookmark

Sakura Japanese Sake KitKat is the perfect snack for cherry blossom viewing. The traditional flavors and scents of Japanese sake and cherry blossoms beautifully are combined in this unique seasonal treat. Get it before it is gone!

Japanese KitKats are known and loved for constantly coming up with new flavors. To celebrate 2019's cherry blossoms they have just released KitKats with a Sakura Japanese Sake flavor.

Sakura Japanese Sake KitKat - The Taste Of Hanami

While hanami, or cherry blossom viewing, can be enjoyed with all kind of beverages, Japanese sake is still one of the traditional choices. The strong flavor of sake mixed with the dainty scent of cherry blossoms is captured in this new and unique KitKat.

Sakura Japanese Sake KitKat - The Taste Of Hanami

As soon as you open the wrapper you will be greeted by the scent of flowers and sake. The cream between the wafers is sakura scented and flavored. The wafers are covered in a pink coating of white chocolate mixed with powdered Japanese sake. The KitKat tastes exactly like it smells. A strong sake flavor fills your mouth followed by the taste of Sakura.

The Sakura Japanese Sake KitKat contains 0.07% alcohol. It is not recommended for children or people who avoid alcohol.

You can find the new Sakura Japanese Sake KitKat at supermarkets and other various stores in Japan for 400 to 600 yen per bag. Each bag contains twelve mini KitKats (11.6 g each).

Written by Chiara Mischke

Picture courtesy KitKat Japan

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