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Feel Spring With The Cherry Blossom Menu At BOTANIST cafe, Harajuku

Feel Spring With The Cherry Blossom Menu At BOTANIST cafe, Harajuku

Feel Spring With The Cherry Blossom Menu At BOTANIST cafe, Harajuku

Written by MATCHA-NEWS

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Diners can celebrate the cherry blossoms and spring in Harajuku with the adorable menu at BOTANIST cafe. Take a break from the Tokyo crowds for cherry blossom-colored and flavored meals and desserts. The menu is vegetarian and has some vegan options.

Written by MATCHA-NEWS

BOTANIST is a Japanese cosmetics brand well known in Japan for natural beauty products. The company also operates BOTANIST cafe, an eatery on the second floor of its Harajuku location in Tokyo. Until May 12, 2019, this cafe has a cherry blossom-inspired menu, featuring meals and desserts that incorporate the look and flavor of the iconic sakura. In addition, this limited-time menu is all vegetarian, with vegan options. Read more to find out how you can have a spring-filled dining experience in Japan.

Almost Too Cute to Eat: Sakura Burgers and Cherry Blossom-Inspired Dishes

Cherry Blossom-Infused Menu at BOTANIST, Harajuku

One special item the cafe offers is the adorable SAKURA BURGER (1,400 yen including tax), a vegan-friendly hamburger with a fluffy cherry blossom-colored bun. The patty is made out of soy meat, which is topped with vegan cheese, vegetables, and a vibrant beet sauce. Diners can enjoy crispy french fries and pickles on the side. The set comes with a beverage of your choice.

Feel Spring With The Cherry Blossom Menu at BOTANIST cafe, Harajuku

You can also try the seasonal SPRING BLOOM PASTA, suitable for vegetarian diners. The noodles are cherry blossom-colored and topped with bamboo shoots, greens, mushrooms, and strawberries. Garlic and balsamic vinegar flavors tie the beautiful pasta together (1,200 yen (including tax).

Cherry Blossom-Infused Menu at BOTANIST cafe, Harajuku

Another stunning vegetarian option is the flower-adorned SEASONAL BUDDHA BOWL (1,400 yen including tax), which comes with your choice of beverage. The bowl is filled with quinoa and rice, assorted in-season vegetables, like grilled eggplant, kale, and peppers. For a crunch, there is a spicy, dry soy meat curry and nuts on top. You can add avocado for an additional 100 yen.

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with Sakura and Spring Flavors

Cherry Blossom-Infused Menu at BOTANIST cafe, Harajuku

For dessert, feel free to indulge in the extravagant SMOOTHIE BONBON SAKURA x BERRY pictured on the left or SMOOTHIE BONBON PEACH x CHERRY on the right (both 1,000 yen including tax). The sakura bonbon smoothie contains a portion of berry smoothie, yogurt, and rich whipped cream. It is topped with cherry blossom ice cream and berries. Inspired by pie, the peach and cherry dessert is filled with a peach smoothie and has a crispy Mille-Feuille crust with a cherry on top. Both desserts contain dairy and are suitable for vegetarian guests.

The above menu is offered at BOTANIST cafe from February 1 to May 12, 2019, at the location listed below. You can view the seasonal and full menu here (available in English).

Address: Tokyo, Shibuya, Jingumae 6-29-2 Sukekawa Building 2nd Floor Google Map
Hours: 11:00-20:00 (last order for food is 19:00; 19:30 for drinks)
Language Support: Menu contains English
Official Website:

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