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"The Tokyo Vegan Meetup Group" - A Monthly Buffet in Roppongi

Translated by Collin Radford

Written by Madoka Nakamura

Tokyo 2015.03.16 Bookmark

Being Vegan in Japan can be challenging. Let us give you a helping hand by pointing you toward a monthly buffet in Tokyo!


Travelers and expats alike gather in Roppongi.
About 3 minutes from the Roppongi station there's a restaurant, where lovers of vegetarian cooking meet up once every month.

Over 1700 members! "The Tokyo Vegan Meetup Group"

The group is mainly intended for vegans and vegetarians, but anyone can join.
The 1700 members (as of December 2014) is made up of both those visiting Japan and Japanese (50/50).

Vegetarians, people who love vegetables, people searching for new friends, or even people who just love Roppongi, are welcome.

Vegan Buffet

Members pay at the front, and then enter.


Every month there are about 40-60 participants, so it's always lively.
Both in line and at the tables people is casually enjoy their conversations. They discuss a litany of topics, such as vegan restaurants they visited recently, or how to search for stores for vegetarians, or even how they make food at home.


All of the food is vegan, and as such contains no meat, fish, or dairy products.


Put whatever you like onto your plate and enjoy your meal.


This is their pumpkin pie. At this meetup they had a good menu for dishes specific to the season.
Every season they have a slightly different menu. The menu is displayed on their homepage before the event.

Only 3 minutes from the Roppongi Station! "The Pink Cow"

Walk a brief 3 minutes from Tokyo Metro/Toei Chika Tetsu Roppongi station's 3rd or 5th exit, and find their meeting place, "The Pink Cow", near the Roppongi 5-cho intersection. It hosts a lot of events, and has staff that can speak both Japanese and English. Their vegan menu is specific to the vegan meetup parties.

How do I join?

(Meetup Homepage)
The Tokyo Vegan Meetup Group HP

First, get on their homepage and register. (They also have an application for smartphones and tablets.) You can also register with your Facebook account.
Set the location to Tokyo, and search for "vegan", and several groups will pop up

Click "The Tokyo Vegan Meetup Group" and join.
When an event is scheduled, a confirmation mail in your email inbox, press "join", and you're registered.

Final Comments

The meeting is once a month in Roppongi.
It could be a great way to meet not only vegans and vegetarians, but people from all walks of life.


The Pink Cow

Address: Tokyo-to, Minato-ku, Roppongi 5-5-1 Roppongi Roa Building B1F
Hours of Operation:
Fri~Sun: 17:00~00:00
Tue~Thurs: 17:00~00:00
Scheduled Holidays: Mondays, For other holidays, please check the HP
Wi-Fi: None
Accepted Credit Cards: VISA, MASTER Card, JCB, AMEX, Diners
*Cash only for the vegan buffet
Language Accessibility:English, Japanese
Menu Language: English menu available
Nearest Station: Roppongi Station
Access: 3 minute walk from Tokyo Metro/Toei Tikatetsu Roppongi Station
Price Range: 2000~4000 yen
Phone Number: 03-6434-5773
Official Webpage:The Pink Cow

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