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Vegetarian Gelatos at “à le Loïc” in Aomi

Vegetarian Gelatos at “à le Loïc” in Aomi

Vegetarian Gelatos at “à le Loïc” in Aomi

Translated by Moeko Noda

Written by 森山 あみか

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Looking for a vegetarian Gelato fix in Aomi? Come down to “à le Loïc” for a treat!

Translated by Moeko Noda

Written by 森山 あみか

Odaiba, where has been called a desert for vegetarians, has recently seen an increase in restaurants with vegetarian-friendly menus.

One of these good dessert places is “à le Loïc.” Produced by Mr. Loic Langry, a pastry chef from South France, it mainly serves French crepes and ice creams called “glace.”

The shop is at the second floor of the shopping mall “Ariake Venus Fort” and is a perfect place for dropping by when you are tired of shopping and want coffee with sweets.

The prices for ice cream served in cups are 490 yen for one flavor, 590 yen for two, and 690 yen for three. For cones the prices are 540 yen for one flavor, 640 yen for two, and 740 yen for three. The more flavors you get, the better the deal.

There are abundant choices for coffees and beverages as well. The other main menu is crepes, which are made right in front of your eyes. Just looking at the fruits and creams being topped on one after the other is bound to make you excited. (As crepes include eggs and dairy products, they are not eligible for vegetarians)

There is a sign that reads, “For guests concerned with food allergies” in front of the registar. If you ask the staff, they will provide you with a list of food ingredients that are used such as milk, wheat, egg, soba, peanut, shrimp, and crams. All the food on the menu are made with the same equipment, but the table wares will be washed clean in the restaurant.

Once you order, the food will be made in the kitchen right in front of your eyes. You can see the process of cooking, is also exciting!!


Gelato flavors range from “Pistachio,” “Espresso Chocolat,” “Almont Praline,” “Marron,” “Orange Honey Yogurt,” and two out of these are for vegetarians: “Chocolate Sorbet” and “Strawberry Sorbet.”

Chocolate Sorbet

The taste, which is closer to bitter chocolate rather than sweet milk, would go well with coffee.

Strawberry Sorbet


The strawberry sorbet tastes as if it is a frozen piece of strawberry. The strawberries that sometimes appear in a whole were very good. The sweet-sour taste of strawberries is neither too sweet nor sour, and is right on point. It clears up your mouth if you eat it after a meal. Eating the chocolate sorbet and the strawberry sorbet at the same time is also good; I could have eaten it forever.

After all, what is better than eating ice cream in a warm room wearing jackets?



à le Loïc

Address:Venus Fort Second floor, 1-3-15,Oumi,Koto-ku, Tokyo
Opening Hours:11:00~22:00
Dates:Same as Venus Fort
Credit Cards:Visa,Master,JCB
Menu in different languages:English
Station:7 minutes from "Tokyo Teleport" station, Rinkai Line, 5 minutes on foot from "Oumi Station," Yurikamome
Access:105m from "Aomi Station"
Phone:03-3599-2224(Only for Inquiries)
Other:Vegan, Vegetarian food available
Official HP:à le Loïc

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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