"Janjan-yokocho" Gives You to See Another Side of Japan.


Translated by Allie

Written by Hitoshi Kinoshita


Looking to do some shopping in Osaka? Come check out Janjan-Yokocho with us!

There is a shopping street in Shinsekai, Osaka called "Janjan-yokocho" where you can experience old time atmosphere of Japan.

Everybody love being here and also the name of this place which is  "JanJan-yokocho".

A Street which makes Japanese people nostalgic

You can get to see different styles of buildings and shops here from ones in the other places. Even if you don't know how old-time of Japan looks like, this place will definitely let you feel nostalgic somehow.

Most of shops you find here are bars where you will get to eat famous food in Osaka such as Oden which is a traditional Japanese winter dish(a stew with all ingredients simmered  in one pot), Dotekaki which is beef sinews cooked in Miso, Kushikatsu which is deep-fried dish made with meat, fish and vegetables.

As you can see from pictures above, You will get to play traditional Japanese board games such as Shogi and Igo here.

Enjoy spending time in lively Shitamachi(downtown)

This shopping street is 180 meter long. But every shop has their unique atmosphere. We will say that here is the place where  all of the cultures in Osaka got together. You will get to experience mixture of the old and the new. This place gives you explore more about Japan for sure.



Address:〒556-0002 3-chome Ebisuhigashi Naniwa-ku Osaka
Access:5 minutes walk from “Shin-Imamiya station” on JR Loop Line,5 minutes walk from “Dobutsuen-mae station” on subway Sakaisuji Line and Midosuji Line

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