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CRAFT SAKE WEEK at ROPPONGI HILLS 2019 - Sip On Sake From All Of Japan

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CRAFT SAKE WEEK at ROPPONGI HILLS 2019 is a major sake event in Tokyo's Roppongi area, running from April 19 to April 29. The event features 110 top-rated sake breweries from all over Japan. Come to drink, snack, and learn about the craft of rice wine.


The 2019 CRAFT SAKE WEEK held at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo runs Friday, April 19 to Monday, April 29. This 11-day event features a total of 110 of the top sake breweries in Japan. It is an excellent opportunity for sake enthusiasts and beginners alike to sample and discover more about this delicious adult beverage.


CRAFT SAKE WEEK at Roppongi Hills 2019 - Sip On Sake From All Of Japan

CRAFT SAKE WEEK is run by the sake-passionate, renowned soccer athlete Nakata Hidetoshi and was first held in 2016. This is the fourth installment of the event, and each day has a set theme with ten different high-quality sake breweries from all over Japan.

As the breweries change each day, visiting for multiple days allows you to have fun trying different regional sake.

CRAFT SAKE WEEK at Roppongi Hills 2019 - Sip On Sake From All Of Japan

The theme this year is about pairing Japanese sake with international dishes. Fifteen highly-reviewed restaurants offering fusion dishes of Japanese and international cuisine to pair with sake will be at the venue. On top of this, guests can go to the KitKat pairing bar for special edition flavors to indulge in with the beverages.

The schedule is as follows:

Date Event
April 19 Sparkling Sake Day
April 20 Tohoku Day
April 21 Hoku-Shinetsu Day
April 22 Kanto Day
April 23 Tokai Day
April 24 Kansai Day
April 25 Chugoku, Shikoku Day
April 26 Kyushu Day
April 27 Sake Competition 2018 Day
April 28 Sakenomy Day
April 29 Team Juyondai Day

For more details on the breweries on each day, please see the official website.

Taste Top-Class Sake Every Day

CRAFT SAKE WEEK at Roppongi Hills 2019 - Sip On Sake From All Of Japan

April 19 focuses on sparkling sake, a bubbly, carbonated sake that is easy to drink and similar to sparkling wine. April 20 through April 26 features the top breweries from different parts of Japan. The final weekend is where visitors can try beverages from award-winning breweries. April 29, the last day of the event, is Team Juyondai Day, where breweries collaborate with Yamagata Prefecture's famous Juyondai, a sake brand that is extremely sought after and rare.

Every day is filled with different opportunities to have fun learning about the historical craft of sake, and welcome spring in Japan with a glass in hand. International guests are welcome to come to the event and there is English support available.

Venue: Roppongi Hills Arena
Tokyo, Minato, Roppongi 6-9-1 Google Map
Access: 4-minute walk from Roppongi Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and Toei Subway Oedo Line.
Dates: Friday, April 19 to Monday, April 29
Time: 12:00 to 21:00 (last order 20:30)
Fee: 3,500 yen (includes sake glass and 11 coins used to buy drinks and food; more coins are purchasable for an additional price).

Tickets can be bought in advance or at the venue during the event. To purchase tickets in ahead of time, go to PassMarket (Japanese only).

For more details, see the official website:

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