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Pokémon Galore! The Highlights Of Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo

Pokémon Galore! The Highlights Of Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo

Translated by Aya Kuroki

Written by Kazuyuki Sato

Tokyo 2015.03.19 Bookmark

Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo, located in Ikebukuro, is the largest Pokemon center in Japan! This article introduces the highlights of this store, what are the most sought after items, and what makes it different from other Pokemon centers!

At the front entrance of Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo

The popularity of the “Pokémon“ game series has spread all around the world. First released as a game in 1996, through various media franchising such as being adapted into an anime, Pokemon has become well-known throughout the world. The name of the series “Pokémon“ is short for the original Japanese title “Pocket Monsters”.

Pokémon Center stores have been cherished in Japan for carrying Pokémon merchandise. Their recently opened flagship store - Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo in Ikebukuro - is the largest of its kind in Japan! Soon after its opening, we paid a visit to this center together with our friend Tristan who loves Pokémon.

Enjoy the pictures and the highlights of the Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo, a place filled with cute Pokémon!

Right in the Middle of Ikebukuro!


Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo is located in Tokyo’s downtown area of Ikebukuro. One of Ikebukuro's famous shopping malls, Sunshine City, is the building where the Pokémon Center is located.

While heading towards the store, there were Pokémon everywhere - even in the escalator and on the walls! We were both already very excited at this point. Taking into account the size of this shopping complex, we were grateful for all the attractive Pokémon decorations that led us to the store.

Huge Impact Right from the Very Beginning!


Right at the entrance to the Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo there is a large Poké Ball. Amazing!

Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo’s mascots, Pikachu and Charizard

The mascots of the Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo are Pikachu and Charizard. These statues of them are also very big!

Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo’s limited edition merchandise

To celebrate the opening of this store, Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo is selling plushies of Pikachu wearing a Charizard poncho. This product is very popular, and when we went there to do the coverage, they were already nearly sold out.

Pokémon Galore! A Colourful Interior


There are many types of merchandise sold at this store, but what stands out most are the plush toys. They are all very colorful and we were surprised by how many types there were!


There is seasonal limited merchandise as well, and when we went to do the coverage the Hatsuyume Plushie was the hottest item. ”Hatsuyume” is the term for the first dream in the new year.

Be sure to check out the limited edition merchandise based on Japan’s seasonal customs and images as well!


There are just too many to choose from!


It seems that Tristan has chosen the Metagross plushie to take home.

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