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Fuki: A Historical Love Hotel In Osaka

Fuki: A Historical Love Hotel In Osaka

Translated by MATCHA

Written by Marina Maeda

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City hotels, business hotels, resort hotels...there are all sorts of hotels in this world, but have you ever heard of a love hotel before?

City hotels, business hotels, resort hotels...there are all sorts of hotels in this world, but have you ever heard of a love hotelbefore?


photo:Hotel Daigo

What is a Love Hotel?

photo:Hotel Fuki

Love hotels are hotels meant for short stays, originally designed for couples to have a few hours of private time together. These flashy buildings have surprisingly imaginative interiors and more amenities than a standard hotel as they are designed to be enjoyed to their fullest, instead of being a place to simply sleep after a long day of sight-seeing or working.

At Hotel Fuki, the overall theme is "Japan" and its history. Hence its external design based on an old Japanese castle.

photo:Hotel Fuki

The unique place where the bed is located...

photo:Hotel Fuki

...and an interior with a complicated design.

photo:Hotel Fuki

Love Hotels and the Japanese


Just where did the idea of a love hotel come from? Well, dating back to the Edo era, there were "Tea Houses of Encounter", where couples could spend a while on a mattress together, or river boats where more professional encounters were held. The modern love hotel takes its origin from these places. In the below photo you can see more of what one of these river boats was like.

photo:Hotel Fuki

After the Second War World, the housing situation in Japan was wretched, with extended families crammed into small houses, meaning that couples were constantly surrounded by family and their other children. This was how the "Avec (the French word for 'with') Hotels", which were originally built as housing for workers, became popular. Unlike guests that stayed over, visitors only stayed for a couple of hours and hence the turnover rate was very high. The number of these kinds of hotels multiplied rapidly.

Once the housing situation improved, love hotels had to evolve into places which were more than just a bed - rooms with karaoke machines, jacuzzi, hot springs, video game systems and more came onto the scene.

Things to Note

These hotels are recognizable for their flashy appearance, which is in stark contrast with standard hotels in Japan. If you aren't sure, look for signs with terms like "rest", "stay" on them. At the entrance of love hotel, you will find a big price list. The charge for usage from a certain time to a certain time, the number of hours - it depends on the love hotel.

Since love hotels are built for guests who come in two persons, on the price list is the price for two persons. For example, the room rate for an individual is the same as for a couple, while hotels accepting groups of 3 or more will charge an increased rate (1.5 times the original for parties of 3, etc).

Even if it's just for "rest" instead of staying over, you can use anything you'd like inside the room: relax in the bathtub, watch the television and sleep in the huge bed. It is nice to stay in a regular hotel, but for those who would like to try something different, we recommend love hotels to you.


Hotel Fuki(ふき)

Address: Osaka, Miyakojima,Higashinoda 3-7-11
Hours: 24 hours
Wi-fi: None
Credit Cards: Cash only
Other Languages: Some notes in Chinese and English
Nearest Station: Kyobashi Station (京橋) Keihan main line, JR Loop Line and JR Tozai Line
Access: 3 minute walk from Kyobashi station
Phone Number: 06-6353-4135
Website: Hotel Fuki

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