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Karuizawa Umbrella Sky 2019 - Enjoy The Rainy Season At HARUNIRE Terrace

Karuizawa Umbrella Sky 2019 - Enjoy The Rainy Season At HARUNIRE Terrace

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HARUNIRE Terrace, a leisure facility in Karuizawa's Hoshino area hosts Karuizawa Umbrella Sky, a June event celebrating the beauty of nature during the rainy season. Take amazing photos of the terrace decorated with one hundred colorful umbrellas!

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Karuizawa Umbrella Sky 2019 - A Brilliant Rainy Season!

Karuizawa Umbrella Sky 2019

Picture courtesy of Hoshino Resorts

HARUNIRE Terrace, a leisure complex located in Karuizawa's Hoshino area, is hosting Karuizawa Umbrella Sky 2019, a special event celebrating the rainy season. From June 1 until the end of the rainy season (usually around the beginning of July), one hundred colorful umbrellas will be decorating the terrace in a display called Umbrella Arcade. This is a great chance for visitors to catch the beauty of the rainy season in stunning photos.

HARUNIRE Terrace, located near the iconic accommodation facility HOSHINOYA Karuizawa, is home to sixteen local shops, cafes and restaurants that allow visitors to taste the leisurely Karuizawa lifestyle. Sonmin Shokudo, a restaurant offering local cuisine, and Tombo no Yu, a hot spring facility, are also located within walking distance.

Harunire Terrace

Picture courtesy of Hoshino Resorts

Karuizawa is very beautiful during the rainy season when the greenery is still fresh. Karuizawa Umbrella Sky seeks to highlight local nature through displays like Rainy Art, which shows patterns of elm leaves ("harunire" in Japanese), flying squirrels, bears, and other creature that inhabit the forests of Karuizawa.

The Umbrella Garden features umbrellas used as pots for flower arrangements made with rainy season plants such as hydrangeas and Spanish moss. This space is also ideal for taking beautiful pictures.

In addition, the Umbrella Arcade is illuminated in the evening from 18:00 to 22:00, resulting in a magical scenery that looks very different from the one during daytime.

If you thought that the rainy season is a time for the blues, head to Karuizawa to enjoy a brilliant, colorful side of this season.

Karuizawa Umbrella Sky 2019

Venue: HARUNIRE Terrace
Address: Nagano, Kitasaku, Karuizawa, Hoshino MAP
Schedule: June 1 - end of the rainy season (around the beginning of July)
Hours: 8:00 - 22:00 (illumination 18:00 - 22:00)

Harunire Terrace

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Main image courtesy of Hoshino Resorts

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