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Ginza Cozy Corner's Aladdin Star Festival Collection Cakes

Ginza Cozy Corner's Aladdin Star Festival Collection Cakes

Written by MATCHA-NEWS

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Ginza Cozy Corner is a popular place in Japan to go for decorative cakes. To celebrate the new Aladdin movie they have released a cake selection inspired by the characters and items from the original movie.

Disney's new adaptation of Aladdin was released to cinemas all over Japan on June 7th, 2019. To celebrate the new movie, the popular Japanese cake shop Ginza Cozy Corner (available Japan-wide not only in Ginza) has released a cake set inspired by Aladdin. 

Ginza Cozy Corner's Aladdin Star Festival Collection Cakes

The special selection of petit cakes is called "Aladdin Star Festival Collection". Each piece is inspired by a different character or item from the original Disney movie.

Ginza Cozy Corner's Aladdin Star Festival Collection Cakes

From left to right, bottom to top:

1. Jasmine - White chocolate cream cake in her signature turquoise colors with dark chocolate cake layers to represent her dark hair.
2. Genie - Mint-flavored cream tart with light blue mint cream sitting on top of crimson jam to represent the Genie and his red belt.
3. Aladdin - Lemon and berry-flavored cream tart that represent Aladdin in his formal attire including the feather on his hat made from berry cream frosting.
4. Rajah - Chocolate cream roll cake with tiger stripe pattern representing princess Jasmine's best friend.
5. The Palace - Strawberry and mango cream roll cake decorated with a printed sleeve and edible gold powder to represent the Sultan's palace.
6. Abu- Fruit Tart with Aladdin's little fruit loving monkey sitting on top.
7. Jafar - Cassis and mango cream cake in Jafar's signature colors red, black and gold, decorated with his hat.
8. The Magic Lamp - Golden mango and coconut mousse decorated with the lamp and a magic chocolate star.
9. The Magic Carpet - Lemon-flavored cream rolled into a blueberry-flavored sponge cake with a carpet print sleeve and lemon cream tassels.

Ginza Cozy Corner's Aladdin Star Festival Collection Cakes

The cakes in the "Aladdin Star Festival Collection" are only available in the set. The whole collection costs 2700 yen including tax and comes in a beautiful cake box.

The "Aladdin Star Festival Collection" will be available until July 11th, 2019 in all Ginza Cozy Corner stores throughout Japan.

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Written by Chiara Mischke

Picture courtesy Ginza Cozy Corner

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