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ANION Station: Kabukicho's Anime Music Bar!

ANION Station: Kabukicho's Anime Music Bar!

Translated by Briony Dunbar

Written by HashimotoAkane

Tokyo 2015.05.27 Bookmark

Shinjuku has bars, EDM bars, Metal bars and... an Anime music bar! If you ever wanted to get a drink while listening to the Sailor Moon theme this is your spot!

Kabukicho area, Shinjuku (新宿歌舞伎町)

Did you know that there is a place here that will make anime fans happy, where you can enjoy your favourite anime songs with all of your heart?

At “ANION STATION(アニ ON STATION)”, a customer participation model entertainment bar and cafe, you can listen to lots of anime songs to your own satisfaction whilst enjoying food and drink. It is also an anime song information transmission base where you can get new anime song gossip!
On top of that, you can participate yourself, and there are many things that will make your heart pound!

Now I will report on the fun cafe/bar, “ANION STATION”!

What kind of place is “ANION STATION”?

Inside, there is a full blown DJ booth, which is set up to really give you the impression that it is a radio recording studio.
At the booth, the ANION DJs and ANION cheers staff members announce a performance that will definitely raise the roof if you love anime.

Naturally, the music blaring at high volume is anime songs only. The only place you can enjoy lots of anime songs with a live show feeling is ANION STATION!
You can even enjoy enthusiast’s songs that are far from famous, such as nostalgic anime songs, robot style, magical girl style, etc.

As there is also free Wi-Fi set up inside, if you send a request through Twitter, you can also have your favourite anime songs played then and there!

On top of that, at ANION STATION you can rent an original Cyalume light stick for free. If your favourite song starts playing you will end up waving your light stick like crazy!
As the cafe and bar is full of glowing light sticks, it’s already stunning. It’s certain to get your heart pumping! Together with fellow anime song lovers, it is a fun place that really seems like an anime song live concert hall.

The ANION cheers staff who liven the place up also have matching light sticks.

The ANION cheers staff are only people who aim to become voice actors in the future, people who put effort into theatrics, etc. Since the girls personally love anime and are knowledgable on anime songs, they're certain to get your heart racing!

How to enjoy ANION STATION

At ANION STATION there is a system of fee paying that depends on the usage time.
11:00 - 16:00 is cafe time, and 16:00 - 23:00 is bar time. During bar time you can also enjoy alcohol.

The usage charge during cafe time is 1000 yen per 60 minutes (tax included), and 1000 yen per 30 minutes in bar time (tax included). The fee includes unlimited soft drinks. It might get expensive due to the magic of wanting to stay for many hours!
*Food, alcohol, and original drink charges are separate to the usage charge.
*As time extension, etc., is not done vocally please take care with time management.

Drinkable light sticks? Enter ANION’s original “Cyalume cocktail”!

A drink you can only taste from ANION STATION’s original menu!

Light sticks that you can change the color of however you like, depending on the scene and mood.
Here they have ANION original Cyalume cocktails (500 yen inc. tax) modelled after the prismatic colors of the light sticks!
As you can choose between alcoholic and non-alcoholic, you can order them in both cafe time and bar time.
The flavour is probably different depending on the color, so you should definitely try them out!

Other than the “Cyalume cocktail”, you can enjoy drinks that change each month. The menu is full to the brim!

ANION is loaded with things to enjoy!

But wait, there’s more! At ANION STATION, not only is there a cafe space and a DJ space, there is also a space for selling ANI N original goods, so you too can become a anime song DJ! There is also a booth for taking commemorative photos!

Getting my own light stick!

The commemorative photo booth is a room where you feel like you became a radio DJ. It’ll make such a fantastic memory.

In addition, from now on at ANION STATION there will be many events and collaboration projects held.
At the opening event the emperor of anime songs, Mizuki Ichiro (水木一郎), will be performing! There might even be the chance to meet him.
Event and collaboration information will be posted on the official home page at any time. Look forward to it!

ANION STATION, where you can be completely absorbed in your favourite anime song by yourself during cafe time, and party hard with friends during bar time.

This is surely the new anime song holy land.
There is no mistaking that you will be mad about ANION world.



Address: Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Kabukicho 1-17-10 Brick Building (ブリックビル), SHiDAX Shinjuku Central Road Club, B1
Phone: 03-6228-0402
Opening Hours: Cafe time 11:00 - 16:00 / Bar time 16:00 - 23:00
Usage time/usage charge: Cafe time - 1000 yen per 60 minutes (tax included) / Bar time - 1000 yen per 30 minutes (tax included)
Wi-Fi: Yes (information at every table)
Credit Cards: No
Language: Japanese only (there are plans for multilingual support)
Station: JR Shinjuku Station
Access: 5 minutes walk from JR Shinjuku Station East Exit
Official HP:
ANION STATION FANSITE: (you can reserve seats with the fansite)

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