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Seirinji in Wakura, Breathe Deep

Seirinji in Wakura, Breathe Deep

Translated by Saori Okamoto

Written by Ayumi Ishino

Ishikawa 2015.03.14 Bookmark

The Seirinji in Wakura is a looming beauty to captivate any visitor. Take it in, breathe deep, and enjoy Japan.


In the outskirts of Wakura town, there is a scenic temple called “Seirinji”, where you can be released from the fatigue of the trip, and perhaps, even of the daily life. You can find the temple at the foot of a small mountain, after taking 5-min walk from the central area of Wakura hot springs.

Climbing up the stairs...the space you’d encounter would trigger a deep breath


For its attractive atmosphere, you would be tempted to look into Seirinji when you pass by without knowing the temple. It's not that far from the central area of Wakura hot springs, so you might come across this place when taking a walk.


It feels like the space, surrounded by the moss from the stairs to the precincts, and also the trees of different shades of green, makes you breathe more deeply than usual.


On the left side of the building you’d see in front after climbing up the stairs, there is a promenade surrounded by beautiful bamboo trees. As you go up over 500 stairs, you’d arrive at a park with an observation platform. Depending on the season and weather, you can view the landscape of Wakura hot springs town and Nanao Bay.

Resting in the space where Japanese royal family once stayed

The temple has another spot worth visiting: "Gobenden" building, constructed in 1909. The place where Japanese royal family had stayed for their visit to Wakura hot springs was reconstructed here. It’s common for architectures used by the royal family to be dismantled later, but Wakura town still has one in shape.


The emperor used here as a bedroom. Please look at the roof made from hinoki cypress. For the curving part on the edge, craftsmen made small scratches by saws in order to bend the woods slowly .


The view from the verandah changes for each season, having the visitors enjoy the beauty. At present you can see the yard, but its location had faced the ocean before reconstruction, and visitors used to be able to view the ocean from the verandah.

Temple in Wakura town, “as it is”


You can go into the Gobenden once you get permission from the temple’s people. It’s not that you pay the entrance fee and walk the decided route, but in this way, you can enjoy the temple’s one-and-only atmosphere as it is.



Address: Wakura-cho Re 61, Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture
Phone Number: 0767-62-2836
Opening Hours: Always, but visiting in the daytime is recommended (better to call the temple before visiting)
Closed Days: Never
Wi-Fi: Not Provided
Languages Used: Only Japanese
Closest Station: JR Nanao Line  Wakura Onsen Station
Access: 5-min Taxi ride from Wakura Onsen Station

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