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Survey On Alcoholic Drinks In Japan

Survey On Alcoholic Drinks In Japan

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MATCHA asks for your cooperation on a survey regarding alcohol in Japan. Participants will be entered in a raffle for 1,000 yen worth of Japanese souvenirs from us.

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Survey on Alcoholic Beverages in Japan - Give Your Opinion for Japanese Prizes

Your answers help us deliver relevant content to you and other readers regarding adult beverages in Japan. We take your opinions seriously and appreciate your cooperation.

Details on the raffle and prizes from MATCHA will be conveyed via the email you provide on the survey.

Fill in this survey and receive a gift! Survey about alcoholic beverages you would like to enjoy on a trip to Japan

The purpose of this survey is to research what kind of alcoholic beverages would visitors to Japan like to try. The readers who fill in this survey automatically take part in a drawing and one participant will receive Japanese souvenirs worth 1,000 yen.

Thank you very much. We accepted input.

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