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Love Stationery? Visit The Bunbōgu Cafe In Omotesandō

Love Stationery? Visit The Bunbōgu Cafe In Omotesandō

Translated by Mai Egawa

Written by MATCHA

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High quality and infinite varieties are two ways of describing Japanese stationery. At the Bunbōgu Cafe In Omotesandō you can try out some new products as you relax.

Fans of stationery know that the range of Japanese stationery available is unbelievable. There is even a cafe dedicated to the love of these fantastic daily goods: the Bunbōgu Cafe in Omotesandō. The concept of this cafe is: "when someone finds the perfect stationery, great new things can happen."

What is Bunbōgu Cafe?

The Bunbōgu Cafe is a place where you can look at, try out and even read books about stationery, though of course, it is a cafe first and foremost. Since many stationery-lovers visit there, you might even find yourself making new friends over shared favorites.


This is the entrance. Be careful or you might miss it!


Let's take a look inside!

Stationery Recommended by Staff


Downstairs you will find the neatly arranged stationery shop, where everything from standard notebooks and pens to truly unique and unexpected goods can be found.


Some paper labels sold here are in shape of glasses and mustaches, which are sure to make you smile and are my favorite SUGAI WORLD and midori corporation products.


These memo pads look like real tofu and they are called Tofu 1-kyō Memo (Momen ver./Kinugoshi ver.)(*1), which make people look twice when they see them on your desk.

*1 Momen/Kinugoshi: the firm and soft texture types of tofu.


The photo above shows a handmade car-shaped case which is perfect for storing paper labels, clips or other small items.

The Menu is Very Unique Too


Every day they only sell twenty Bunbōgu parfaits, so if you want to try one, you better get their early!

Many Surprises for Stationery Lovers!


I borrowed the COUPY pencils and POSCA markers (*2) that I used to use when I was a child. The blue sheet under everything in the photo above is a place mat that you can draw or write on.

*2 Both are popular items from famous stationery brands in Japan.


There were many illustrations by visitors in the sketchbook. Good drawings, right?


This is the "one lined" writing table.ssYou can see the stationery used by person sitting next to you, so you could start a new conversation by asking them about their favorite stationery. There are regular tables as well, of course.


If you want to sit down and read, there are books on the theme of stationery here as well, such as the Mannenhitsu Chronicle (Fountain Pen Chronicle) and other novels and magazines.

Other Attractive Things at Bunbōgu Cafe


There are other spaces where the walls are made from white board that have been labeled "Members Only" (*4), and calendars with upcoming events and seminars posted on them too. Both wi-fi and wireless cable are available in the cafe too, so this is a great place for meetings.

Although computers and tablets have become a part of daily life, there is still something about analog stationery that appeals to people. Why not head to Bunbōgu Cafe and rediscover your love of writing and drawing?

*4 Membership costs 700 yen; please visit their website for more details.


Bunbōgu Cafe

Address: Tokyo, Shibuya, Jingūmae 4-8-1, Uchida building B1F
Hours: 10:00-23:30
Nearest Station: Omotesandō Station (表参道駅), Tokyo Metro Hanzomon/Ginza/Chiyoda lines
Access: 4 minute walk from A2 exit of Omotesandō Station
Phone Number: 03-3470-6420
Website: Bunbōgu Cafe (Japanese only)

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