The Koubou Ichi Market At Toji Temple, A UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Koubou Ichi Market At Toji Temple, A UNESCO World Heritage Site

In Kyoto you can find Toji Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with a solemn atmosphere and historical five story pagoda on the grounds. But once a month, a completely different side of Toji Temple is exposed - the Koubou Ichi Market. Let's take a look

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Toji Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage, is symbolized by the five-storied Pagoda. It is usually a quiet, solemn place, but on the 21st of every month, it shows us a different side altogether.

The Koubou Ichi Market is held on that day.

On the 21st, go through the grave Keigamon gate, under a clear blue sky...

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... and you will find hordes of people.

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Is this really the inside of a temple?

When you talk about markets in Japan, many people tend to think of the outside market at Tsukiji market, or the Nishiki market at Kyoto, a place where people come for fresh food.
But at the Koubou Ichi Market, there are more shops that deal in textiles and antiques such as ceramic plates and vases, than food. The local people refer to Koubou Ichi Market as a "textile market," "antique market," or call it "Koubou-san," with affection.

An antique market full of wonders on the next page.
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