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The Koubou Ichi Market At Toji Temple, A UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • The Koubou Ichi Market At Toji Temple, A UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Koubou Ichi Market At Toji Temple, A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Kyoto 2015.05.14

In Kyoto you can find Toji Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with a solemn atmosphere and historical five story pagoda on the grounds. But once a month, a completely different side of Toji Temple is exposed - the Koubou Ichi Market. Let's take a look

Translated by Shinji Takaramura

Written by SakamotoAyako

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The Textiles and Antiques Highlighting the Market

The visitors entering from the Keigamon gate will be greeted by vivid-colored textiles.

koubou-ichi photo4

Most of the products are for the Japanese kimono and obi(kimono sash belt).

Lively colors, such as vermilion and gold, takes your breath away.

koubou-ichi photo5

The price also varies widely. Some products are so expensive that you hold your hand back, while some can be purchased at the cost of a T-shirt.

There are shops that handle yukata(informal cotton kimono for summer wear), which makes a good souvenir, as well as textiles.

koubou-ichi photo6

The ceramic shops boast a wide variety of saucers, cups, bowls, and vases. Ceramic ware from various places, such as Okinawa and Gifu, are gathered here. They all have different textures, according to their place of origin.

Most of these shops are run by the artists themselves, so the customers can directly ask how the their work is created.

koubou-ichi photo7

This work was created by a married couple, with the wife as the potter and the husband as the painter.
According to the artists, the design is inspired by the spring flowers near their workshop back home.

There is also a shop which handles ornamental hairpins made from tortoiseshells...

koubou-ichi photo8

... and a shop selling dried fish products.

koubou-ichi photo9

The shops vary widely, and you feel like you can walk around for hours and hours, as every shop offers a taste of Japanese tradition and culture.

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