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The Koubou Ichi Market At Toji Temple, A UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Koubou Ichi Market At Toji Temple, A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Translated by Shinji Takaramura

Written by SakamotoAyako

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In Kyoto you can find Toji Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with a solemn atmosphere and historical five story pagoda on the grounds. But once a month, a completely different side of Toji Temple is exposed - the Koubou Ichi Market. Let's take a look

A Market Held in a Temple

Currently, about 1,200 shops come out for the Koubou Ichi Market. Even though they create an atmosphere of a marketplace, the monks can be heard chanting the sutra in the temple halls.

And the smell of incense also comes from the halls, as well.

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Since you have come to Toji temple, be sure to visit the temple after browsing the Koubou Ichi Market.

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The One and Only Koubou Ichi Market


Photograph:Courtesy of the Koubou Ichi Working Committee
Walking around the Koubou Ichi Market, you will notice that many shopkeepers are from abroad.

Even if their language is different, the shopkeepers and customers communicate by using gestures, both satisfied in the transaction of goods. That kind of a scene can be seen all over the place.

The Koubou Ichi Market is a special market, held on the 21st of every month, so please come and visit.


Koubou Ichi Market
Address: 1 Kujocho, Minami-ku, Kyoto City (Inside the grounds of the Toji temple)
Telephone: 0774-31-5550 (The Koubou Ichi Market Working Committee)
Station: Toji station (Kintetsu line)
Access 1: 10 minutes walk from the Toji station (Kintetsu line).
Access 2: 15 minutes walk from the Kyoto station (JR line).
Open Hours: From 5 a.m. to 4 p.m., on the 21st of every month.
Official HP: Koubou Ichi Market at Toji

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