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Khaosan Kyoto Guesthouse: Neat, Cheap, And Relaxing

Khaosan Kyoto Guesthouse: Neat, Cheap, And Relaxing

Translated by Allie

Written by Keishi Kawakami

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Looking for a place to stay in Kyoto? We've got a great affordable option for you right here!

"I would love to spend less money on my accommodation but would like to stay at a great place which lets me feel I'm in Japan."
If you are looking for a reasonably priced accommodation with a great Japanese atmosphere, look no further than Khaosan Kyoto Guesthouse, located in the heart of Kyotoby Kawaramachi and Gion districts.

Various Clean and Neat Rooms

This is the Khaosan KyotoGuesthouse.

Once you get inside, you will see a Japanese-style room covered by tatami mats. There are travel guides for Kyotoand internet connections here, making it easy for you to plan your whole trip from the hostel itself. Not only that, but the staff here and other guests can give you some helpful tips to make the most of your trip.

There are various types of rooms available at Khaosan KyotoGuesthouse.

First up are singles:


and Dorms:

There are lockers you can put your luggage in, all of which have their own keys.

This is one of the unique things here. You need to take your shoes off before you step inside.

Taking your shoes off before entering a house is a must in Japan, so here you will put your shoes inside a shoe box, and enjoy walking about the hostel in your socks or barefoot.

For women who have safety or privacy concerns, there are two types of dorm rooms available here: mixed dorms and female-only ones. However, the dorm rooms do have their own shared bathroom facilities.

Calming Space

This is their spacious common room. Doesn't it sound nice to enjoy a meal with others in a tatami space? This peaceful room is sure to make you feel nice and relaxed after a busy day spent sightseeing.

There are food maps here made by the staff to help you find your way about the restaurants and cafes of downtown Kyoto. This means you can find places that even the travel guides might not know about!

There is a common space on the roof top as well. Here you can drink and even have a BBQ with others at night. All the staff can speak English, which makes it easier for you the traveler to get what you need out of your stay. You can always ask them if you've got any troubles or questions.


Khaosan KyotoGuesthouse has earned its high reputation from travelers all over the world, a fact demonstrated by their award during the 2015 Hostel Awards.

The old adage "you get what you pay for" definitely does not apply to staying at this hostel.


Khaosan KyotoGuesthouse

Address:568 Nakanocho, Shimogyo, Kyoto
Phone: 075-201-4063
Check in:15:00-21:00
Check out:-11:00
Wi-Fi: Available
Other Languages: English, Chinese, Korean
Nearest Station: Kawaramachi Station (河原町) on Hankyu Line
Access: 3 minute walk from exit 10 of Kawaramachi Station
Prices: 2000-3,800 yen
Official HP:Khaosan KyotoGuesthouse

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