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Kimono Beds At Khaosan Kyoto Theatre Guesthouse!

Kimono Beds At Khaosan Kyoto Theatre Guesthouse!

Kimono Beds At Khaosan Kyoto Theatre Guesthouse!

Translated by JingWen

Written by Keishi Kawakami

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Looking for a very interesting place to rest in Kyoto? The Khasosan Kyoto Theatre may be the perfect place for you!

Translated by JingWen

Written by Keishi Kawakami

An important part of traveling is deciding where to stay, and here at MATCHA, we know what form and function are just as important as price. We have previously introduced the Khaosan KyotoGuesthouse, but today we would like to take a look at another of their facilities, the Khaosan Kyoto Theatre Guesthouse.

Safety is Promised

Khaosan KyotoTheatre Guesthouse is not really a theatre, but the name has its own unique meaning here.

This hostel is built as a stage for all kinds of people to come and go. Everyone in this hostel, including the staff and lodgers, are kind of performers.

Let's start from the entrance.

The first thing catches your eyes is a big board filled with information on popular destinations and restaurants nearby. This information is definitely for those who want to explore interesting places that cannot be found on the guidebooks and food which can only be found in Kyoto.

Next thing you will see is a mark on the wall. This mark is made out of consideration for Muslim. Japanese foods that are forbidden to Muslims are listed, showing compassion and friendliness to people with different cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs.

On to the rooms!

Cleanliness and Safety

First let's start from the mixed dormitory. They will remind you of a capsule hotel; here green has been chosen as the color of curtains.

The space within the rooms is white-based; simple and clean. A hanger and a desk for small articles are equipped as well as a electric plug.

Next are the female dormitory with pink curtains.

White-based rooms with a hanger and electric socket are provided.

Besides these two colors, there are also blue and orange rooms. The different colors offer you different atmospheres, so you may want to experience a different room each time!

Then here it comes: the best part of Khaosan KyotoTheatre.

Totally changed from the normal design, the room is decorated with kimono cloth folded back together like a cocoon.

And when you open it...

Everything is in kimono!
This is probably the first "kimino bed" in the world! This is so special that you can't find it anywhere else, which means reservations for this space go quickly!

If you stay in Khaosan KyotoTheatre, you really have to try this one!

There are a shower room and a toilet in every single room, and each is extraordinarily clean. Even if you feel a bit odd about sharing facilities, having the option not to brings a great sense of relief.

Make Connections

This is the public space.

It has a clean and large kitchen with a massive refrigerator.

At the back of kitchen, there is a big board for those who are staying here to write down their next stop or places that have given them good memories.

What you can find under the board are some Japanese style decoration - "Masu", an instrument used for measuring sake and rice.

Here is the library space. A wide range of genres have been gathered here, including comics and travel guides.

Then the rooftop terrace where you can sit, enjoy some Japanese sake and think about your journey so far.

The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable about Kyoto. You are sure to fall in love with Kyotowhen you stay here! If you are undecided about your accommodations in Kyoto, by all means please check out Khaosan KyotoTheatre!


Khaosan KyotoTheatre

Address: 346 Iseyacho, Rokkaku-sagaru Gokomachi-dori,Nakagyo, Kyoto
Check in: 15:00-21:00
Check out:till 11:00
Wi-Fi: Available
Other Languages: English, Chinese, Korean
Nearest Station: Kawaramachi Station (河原町) Hankyu Kyotoline
Access: 5 minute walk from exit 10 of Kawaramachi Station
Price: from 2800-3400 yen
Phone Number: 075-746-4554
Website:Khaosan KyotoTheatre

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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