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From Asakusa To A Private Jacuzzi! Andon Ryokan In Minowa

From Asakusa To A Private Jacuzzi! Andon Ryokan In Minowa

Translated by Eri Sasaki


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How about staying in the Andon Ryokan? It houses a private jacuzzi that features a hand-drawn tile motif as the backdrop, among other traveler-friendly features.

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Minowa station is such a convenient station that is within walking distance from Asakusa and Ueno. If you walk for 5 minutes from the station, you'll find a Japanese hotel called Andon Ryokan. The name of the ryokan comes from a type of paper-covered lamp called Ariake Andon which the owner-manager of the ryokan found at a market by chance.

Andon is one type of the traditional Japanese lamps and "Ariake Andon" is its small type. People put it besides their pillow when they sleep.

Here we would like to introduce some attractive aspects of this ryokan.

Attractive Point 1:Finely Selected Antiques

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Soon after you enter the entrance, you'll find a number of historical antiques. They were all collected by the owner when she accidentally encountered them at antique shops and markets during her trips.

She changes the exhibition seasonally so every time you visit the ryokan you'll feel the change of season. On the day of this interview, there was a lovely rabbit designed glass antique.

行燈旅館 photo03

Those dolls besides the stairs are "Hina ningyo." We display them on Hinamatsuri day when we celebrate girls' growth in Japan.

Attractive Point 2:Experiencing Japanese Cultural Events

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You can experience various Japanese cultural events at Andon Ryokan such as Japanese sake, Origami (paper folding), Japanese clothes dressing and flower arranging. A weekly schedule is displayed at the reception so if you want to try any of them, just write down your room number and name on the sheet and you can easily join the event.

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These flower arrangements are made by the owner. The yellow colour looks fabulous with grassy green leaves.

Attractive Point 3:Futon in a Japanese Style Room

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All of the rooms are Japanese traditional style. Sleeping on a Japanese mattress, futon, on tatami mats is such a unique experience that you can only have in Japan. Amenity goods are sufficiently prepared such as a toothbrush, shaving stuff, body soap, an iron and even an ironing-board.

行燈旅館 photo07

This folded paper crane is made of an original paper of Andon Ryokan with its name printed on it.

Attractive Point 4:Luxury! Private Jacuzzi

行燈旅館 photo08

Copyright: Andon Ryokan HP
In addition to normal shower rooms, Andon Ryokan provides a private Jacuzzi. The impressive background wall was drawn by an artist, Mie Ishii, and it took two days! What makes us even more surprised is that all of the tiles are Aritayaki.

行燈旅館 photo09

Copyright: Andon Ryokan HP
For foreign tourists, this American comic-like picture demonstrates how to take bath in English.

Attractive Point 5:Good Accommodations

As stated above, Andon Ryokan is an attractive place to feel the real Japan and has many great facilities.

Toilets and washbasin

行燈旅館 photo10

Shower room

行燈旅館 photo11

Copyright: Andon Ryokan HP

Coin laundry

行燈旅館 photo12.2

200 yen for washing (15 minutes), 100 yen for drying (15 minutes). You can get a detergent package for 50 yen at the reception on the first floor.

Free drink corner

行燈旅館 photo13

You can drink tea selected by the owner.

The Rooftop Facing Skytree

行燈旅館 photo14

You can enjoy viewing Skytree from the sunny rooftop. Doesn't it sound cool to have lunch while viewing Skytree on a sunny day?

Finally:Luxurious Moments at Andon Ryokan

行燈旅館 photo15

If you want to know sightseeing spots in Tokyo, the owner (on the right) and other staff will kindly introduce to you both in English and Japanese. Finely selected antiques, the rooftop facing Skytree, and even a private Jacuzzi are there. You'll definitely have a wonderful and luxurious time in Andon Ryokan.


Andon Ryokan

Address:2-34-10 Nihon zutsumi, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Credit Cards:VISA,MasterCard
Language:Japanese, English
Station:Hibiya line "Minowa" station
Access:5 minutes walk from Hibiya line "Minowa" station Exit 3
Price:3,695-7,778 yen *Prices are subjected to change depending on the number of customers.
Official HP:Andon Ryokan

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