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Taito Ryokan, Asakusa: Vintage 1950s Japan

Taito Ryokan, Asakusa: Vintage 1950s Japan

Translated by Eri Sasaki


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Located a 5-minute walk from Sensoji, is Taito Ryokan. The wooden construction and low Japanese dining tables bring out the best of Japanese ryokans.

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The oldest temple in Tokyo Sensoji has a symbolic gate Kaminarimon with its famous large red lanterns and also a grand five-story traditional tower Gojunoto inside. Take a five-minute walk from the temple, and you will find a Japanese style hotel Taito Ryokan in the old down town district.

Experience Japanese Housing

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As you reach the entrance, traditional lanterns and wooden stairs capture your eyes. They have been here since 1950, the year this ryokan was built. Tourists from abroad always take pictures of the stairs because of their unique appearance.

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The shared space where tourists enjoy chatting and relax is just like a Japanese traditional living room. Tatami mats are laid and kotatsu, a Japanese style heating facility, is been set up here.

Users can enjoy reading travel magazines not only about Tokyo, but also sightseeing throughout Japan. Many visitors plan their trips while sitting and reading magazines at the kotatsu.

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There is a small Japanese garden, a so-called tsuboniwa inside the ryokan. In a quiet yet peaceful space, the small garden has a tsuchikabe, a wall made from soil, and marumado, a tasteful round window, which both set off the garden.

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One of the features of Japanese housings is fusuma, a sliding partition door. Beautiful scenes from Japan are depicted on the doors there. Thanks to these fusuma, the traditional Japanese atmosphere is made even more attractive and charming.

Next, let's look into the rooms.

All rooms are in Japanese style

There are nine types of rooms and all of them are Japanese style. It's economically friendly to tourists since it costs one person 3000 yen per night. In addition, those who stay more than seven nights can enjoy some discounts.

* There are no dormitory rooms so you may be asked to share your room if you are staying alone during the peak seasons.

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Copyright:Taito Ryokan HP
In a very traditional Japanese room, your tiredness during your trip will surely be healed thanks to the relaxing scents of tatami mats and fluffy duvets.

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Copyright:Taito Ryokan HP
There is a round table chabu-dai and Japanese cushions zabuton in a resting space inside the room. Having Japanese tea and sweets are obligatory in Japan.

Introduction of Facilities

Toilets (Shared, Men's and Women's)

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For reasonable price, try Japanese housing!

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The original atmosphere in Taito Ryokan has lingered since its establishment in 1950. Not many places offer such a reasonable price (one person 3000 yen per night) and the opportunities to enjoy traditional Japanese housings. Those who want to experience real life style in Japan instead of a simply stay, you should definitely give it a try!


Taito Ryokan

Address:2-1-4 Nishi Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Language:Japanese, English
Station:Ginzza Line "Tawaramachi" station
Access:3 minutes walk from "Tawaramachi" station
Price:3000 yen
Official HP:台東旅館

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