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4 Unique Lodgings For Sightseeing In Fukuoka And Hakata!

4 Unique Lodgings For Sightseeing In Fukuoka And Hakata!

Translated by Greg

Written by Kajiyama

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Fukuoka City's Hakata district is a hub in Kyushu for sightseeing, food, culture, and business. This article features four lodging facilities, from ryokans (traditional Japanese inns) to modern hotels, for visitors who wish to explore the Fukuoka-Hakata area in comfort.

Enjoy Shopping and Exploring Fukuoka's Hakata District

Fukuoka City's Hakata district is a central hub of the Kyushu region for travel, cuisine, culture, and business.

In this article, we feature four distinct accommodations, such as traditional ryokan and modern hotels, ideal for travelers who'd like to explore the Fukuoka-Hakata area in-depth.

The area around JR Hakata Station has a full lineup of large commercial complexes, including JR Hakata City and KITTE Hakata. Located just two kilometers away is Fukuoka City's Tenjin area: Kyushu's most extensive entertainment and shopping district.

This area is lined with department stores and shops of all kinds, and is the location of the Tenjin Underground Shopping Mall (Tenjin Chikagai), which stretches for some 590 meters.

If you also wander down some of the side streets, you'll spot unique privately-run stores standing side-by-side. It'll feel like you're on a treasure hunt as you search for interesting shops to visit.

A Distinct Food Culture with Abundant Nature Close By

Shopping isn't the only thing to enjoy in Fukuoka. Local cuisine, including Hakata ramen, motsu-nabe (a hot pot filled with organ meat and vegetables), and delicacies served at local food stalls, is another must-do activity. Fukuoka's abundant nature is also enjoyable.

Ohori Park, located in the heart of the city, is a place of relaxation for locals that comes alive with brilliant fall foliage during autumn.

Also just 40 minutes away by car is Itoshima, home to Fukuoka Prefecture's government designated scenic spot (sunset beach category) of Sakurai Futamigaura and Shiraito Falls.

Next, we'll introduce four distinct accommodation facilities—from long-standing ryokans to modern hotels—for visitors who'd like to enjoy Hakata's attractive features.

Zen Oyado Nishitei: A Friendly Ryokan with English and Korean Speaking Staff

Zen Oyado Nishitei, built during the early Showa Period as a private residence, began operating as a ryokan in 1960.

In 2004, some 40 years later, it was remodeled with modern bath facilities and toilets, combining both the beauty of Japanese tradition with contemporary comforts.

All the shared bathing rooms can be used privately, allowing guests to spend their time in a relaxing manner.

This ryokan also ideal for families with babies and children. There's no age restriction for guests, and the Japanese-style family room comes with minimal level changes. There are various services and amenities, including a portable bathtub for toddlers.

Customer service is provided in Japanese, English, and Korean. We recommend Zen Oyada Nishitei for international visitors who'd like to experience the Japanese aesthetic authentically.

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Zen Oyado Nishitei

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Mitsui Garden Hotel Fukuoka Gion: Enjoy Kyushu's Culinary Specialties at The Buffet!

Mitsui Garden Hotel Fukuoka Gion opened in 2019. Our recommendation is the large bath* on the hotel's top floor.

In addition to an uchiyu (indoor bath), there's a steam sauna, a neyu (a shallow pool in which you can lie down), and rotemburo (outdoor tub).

The hotel's breakfast uses ingredients from Fukuoka's neighboring prefectures. These include Kyushu's special Grade A rice (*1), Hakata Mentaiko France (French bread filled with spicy cod roe), Ariake nori seaweed, and Yamecha green tea.

This hotel is also conveniently located. It's just seven minutes on foot from Hakata Station, and only one minute away from the famous shopping spot of Canal City Hakata.

*Please note that in Japan, hotel guests with tattoos are restricted from entering common bath areas and hot springs. Under this policy, guests will receive complimentary adhesive pads which can be used to cover up their tattoos.

*1 Special Grade A rice: Japanese rice is graded according to the Japan Grain Inspection Association's rice tasting ranking. Some varieties of Kyushu rice have received the coveted special Grade A ranking.

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Mitsui Garden Hotel Fukuoka Gion

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SEN&CO.HOSTEL: A Dormitory Serving Japanese-Style Breakfast

4 Unique Lodgings Great for Sightseeing in Fukuoka and Hakata!

Picture courtesy of SEN&CO.HOSTEL

SEN&CO.HOSTEL is a facility located in Ropponmatsu, just eight minutes by subway from Fukuoka City's central district of Tenjin. Its convenient location allows guests to reach the nearby mountains and sea in only 15 minutes by car.

The hostel offers both coed and women-only dormitory accommodation. A single night stay starts at 3,800 yen, including a complimentary breakfast.

The hostel is well-known for the "Koji Breakfast" served on the first-floor cafe. This breakfast includes rice, miso soup, and a variety of side dishes such as salad and grilled fish.

As an accompaniment to your rice, you can choose a dish from the following selection: raw egg with koji (*2) sauce, natto (fermented soybeans) koji, and ginger koji.

Some guests have reported that the breakfast was so delicious they prolonged their stay to sample all three morning offerings!

*2 koji: alternatively known as kome koji. Kome koji is rice or soybeans fermented with a culture called Aspergillus oryzae. The subsequent action of the koji causes amino acids, fatty acids, and simple sugars to be released. The koji adds flavor and depth when added to other foods.

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4 Unique Lodgings Great for Sightseeing in Fukuoka and Hakata!

Picture courtesy of SEN&CO.HOSTEL

Sen&Co. Hostel

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Miyako Hotel Hakata: A Luxurious Hotel Just 1 Minute from JR Hakata Station

Miyako Hotel Hakata—a minute on foot from Hakata Station's Tsukushi Exit opened on September 2019.

This hotel fulfills the lodging's three themes: spaciousness, quality, and design. It was also the first hotel to receive an award that promotes high-quality construction in Fukuoka City.

The spacious guest rooms, all measuring more than 30 square meters in size, have a bath with a separate shower area.

Rooms on the 9th to 12th floor have terrace balconies. If you stay in one of these rooms, you'll have access to a special elevator that takes you directly to the spa area on the top floor.

In addition to a manmade waterfall that drops from a height of more than eight meters, the spa area also has a hot spring pool, jet bath, "ashiyu" (foot bath), and an indoor bath.

So while admiring Hakata's stunning night view, how about spending some luxurious time soaking in the hot spring?

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Miyako Hotel Hakata

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