Beautiful From Head To Toe - 5 Japanese Beauty Products from Tokyu Hands

Beautiful From Head To Toe - 5 Japanese Beauty Products from Tokyu Hands

Japanese people have treasured grooming and beauty as a virtue for ages. Let's take a look at some modern beauty products you can buy at Tokyu Hands!

The ideals of beauty in Japan have long been a subject of art and poetry: silken, black hair and smooth, pale skin being two that are shared between both genders. The Japanese have been fastidious about beauty since the olden days, and have come up with a number of products and devices that are sure to have the user feeling as beautiful as possible.

In this article, we present our selection of five toiletries that are applicable to both men and women, all of which can only be found at Tokyo Hands. Each is a traditionally Japanese made product, all manufactured from Japanese components and using traditional techniques.

Beauty at Your Fingertips! Nail Clippers with an Impressive Sharp Edge

Nail clippers, an important part of hand and foot care, help to determine the cleanliness and beauty of your hands and feet. Some might think that, "as long as they're trimmed, they're fine", but if you continue to use nail clippers that have become blunt, you will begin to damage your nails over time. This damage can lead to fragile, easily split or cracked nails and potential problems with your cuticles as well.

When you stop by Tokyu Hands, take a look at the nail clippers available in their beauty department; the sharp edges of these clippers is unbelievable.

Both sets of the nail clippers pictured above are made entirely from Japanese stainless steel. The pair on the left are toe nail clippers, their curved clipping surface especially designed to fit to toes and structured to easily cut even ingrown and deformed toe nails. The pair on the right are an all-purpose type of clipper, with a nail file attachment.

Product: (left) Takumi No Wagi - all stainless steel toe nail clippers (curved edge)
Reference price: 1800 yen plus tax

Product: (right) Sekinomagoroku - nail clippers type 101
Reference price: 1200 yen plus tax

Kumano Brush - Gently and Thoroughly Clean Your Face

Washing your face every day is the first step to beautiful skin. When you want to thoroughly remove the dirt from your pores, the Kumano Brush is the right tool for the job.

The Kumano Brush is a traditional industrial art from Hiroshima prefecture that has been handed down since the Edo period. Made from goat hair, it was originally used as a calligraphy brush. Nowadays is it also popular as a make up brush and for cleansing your face and neck.

For this face washing brush, above all the other raw materials possible, Kumano Brush’s highest quality goat hair is used, and you're sure to get hooked on the feeling on your skin. First create a lather with the soap of your choice using the brush, and gentle move it over your skin in a circular motion - you will soon feel like all the impurities from your skin have been removed. This product is a must for both men and women - it is useful for anti-acne care, and also great to use before shaving.

Product: Kumano Brush - the ultimate skin-considerate face wash brush
Reference price: 2300 yen plus tax

Natural Soaps Made with Japanese Ingredients

When you are looking for a face and body soap, you want to use a good quality product.

Pictured above is the Hakutsuru pure brewed sake Oginjo rice bran soap, a luxurious soap made with Japanese rice wine and rice bran. The amino acids and rice nutrients from Japanese rice wine will keep leaving your skin feeling moisturized and cleaned. Not only is Japanese rice wine delicious, but it is also effective as a beauty product.

Product: Hakutsuru pure brewed sake Oginjo rice bran soap
Reference price: 648 yen plus tax

Pictured above is a soap made from yuzu extract and yuzu oil.

Yuzu fruits are deeply linked with Japanese people’s lives, being a major ingredient in many different cuisines across the country and especially popular in the winter, as they are commonly added to the bath on the winter solstice. The rind of the yuzu has a high concentration of citric acid and vitamin C which are both beauty-supporting ingredients.

Please enjoy a relaxing bath as you savor the lovely fragrance of yuzu.

Product: Yuzu soap
Reference price: 600 yen plus tax

Using Camellia Oil for Glossy, Beautiful Hair!

Whether seen in ukiyo-e from thepast or walking down the street, most tend to associate glossy, black hair with Japanese women. Taken from the seeds of the camellia japonica flower, Camellia Oil has been used as a “cosmetic oil” to protect and maintain the silken quality of hair in Japan since the Edo period. As a hair care product made from natural materials, even now it is the best friend of many hair-conscious people.

Pictured above is Nagasaki prefecture’s Goto Islands produced Camellia Oil, which is famous for using camellia japonica oil that even in Japan is of an especially high quality. Even a tiny amount’s moisturizing power is outstanding. You can use it not only on your hair, but also for maintaining the moisture balance of your whole body, so it is perfect for use after a bath.

Product: Goto Islands produced pure Camellia Oil
Reference price: 1200 yen plus tax

Boxwood Comb - If Cared For, Will Last Forever

The Boxwood Comb that is made using the Japanese Boxwood tree, is another product that has been the best friend of the Japanese since the olden days alongside the above-mentioned camellia oil. The boxwood comb pictured above is the fine comb type, which is used to style your hair.

When brushing your hair with a wooden comb, the occurrence of static electricity is much lower than when using a comb made from plastic, meaning that the boxwood comb puts the bare minimum of strain on your hair. For people worried about damaged, fine, or brittle hair, and for people troubled with split ends, please try using this comb.

In order to maintain the boxwood comb, it is necessary to soak the comb in camellia japonica oil once a week. While this does take time, the gradual color change in the comb to a beautiful amber tone is rather pleasing, and by performing this maintenance, your boxwood comb should last you a lifetime.

Product: Flower Boxwood Comb
Reference price: 800 yen plus tax

Tokyu Hands is full of obtainable beauty products that are unique to Japan. For use as a family, as a treat to yourself, and as presents to your friends and partner, and so on, please consider picking up some of these traditional beauty and body care products. You won't regret it.

To learn more about Tokyu Hands, please check out our special feature and read the Complete Guide To TOKYU HANDS too.

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