Beautiful From Head To Toe - 5 Japanese Beauty Products from Tokyu Hands

Beautiful From Head To Toe - 5 Japanese Beauty Products from Tokyu Hands


Japanese people have treasured grooming and beauty as a virtue for ages. Let's take a look at some modern beauty products you can buy at Tokyu Hands!

Translated by Briony Dunbar

Written by MATCHA-PR

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The ideals of beauty in Japan have long been a subject of art and poetry: silken, black hair and smooth, pale skin being two that are shared between both genders. The Japanese have been fastidious about beauty since the olden days, and have come up with a number of products and devices that are sure to have the user feeling as beautiful as possible.

In this article, we present our selection of five toiletries that are applicable to both men and women, all of which can only be found at Tokyo Hands. Each is a traditionally Japanese made product, all manufactured from Japanese components and using traditional techniques.

Beauty at Your Fingertips! Nail Clippers with an Impressive Sharp Edge

Nail clippers, an important part of hand and foot care, help to determine the cleanliness and beauty of your hands and feet. Some might think that, "as long as they're trimmed, they're fine", but if you continue to use nail clippers that have become blunt, you will begin to damage your nails over time. This damage can lead to fragile, easily split or cracked nails and potential problems with your cuticles as well.

When you stop by Tokyu Hands, take a look at the nail clippers available in their beauty department; the sharp edges of these clippers is unbelievable.

Both sets of the nail clippers pictured above are made entirely from Japanese stainless steel. The pair on the left are toe nail clippers, their curved clipping surface especially designed to fit to toes and structured to easily cut even ingrown and deformed toe nails. The pair on the right are an all-purpose type of clipper, with a nail file attachment.

Product: (left) Takumi No Wagi - all stainless steel toe nail clippers (curved edge)
Reference price: 1800 yen plus tax

Product: (right) Sekinomagoroku - nail clippers type 101
Reference price: 1200 yen plus tax

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