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Café? Library? Takeo City Library

Café? Library? Takeo City Library

Translated by Saori Okamoto

Written by Naoko Yomogi Nakamura

Saga 2015.05.20 Bookmark

Takeo City, in the western part of Saga Prefecture has a little secret gem to offer any book lover - a library cafe! Let's go check it out together!

Takeo City, in the west part of Saga Prefecture, has great history, culture and nature that never bores visitors or residents, such as the high-quality hot springs with 1300 years of history, about 90 potteries, and the big camphor trees aged over 3000 years. In this provincial city, a public library has not only been attracting the citizens but also lots of visitors. Let’s look into its secret!

Brand new image of a library!?

The mountain in the back with an impressive silhouette is Mt.Mifuneyama, the symbol of Takeo City. The library is built so that the visitors can view this magnificent landscape.

There is an open feel to the building because it's bright, and there are outside tables as well. People from all generations are there reading books and drinking coffee. As you can see, it has a Starbucks Coffee shop, so people can enjoy coffee while reading through books and magazines.

In the area with café tables, Jazz music is played at a cozy volume. You can spend such a comfortable time reading books, enjoying the café, and viewing the luxurious nature from the outside tables.

Apart from people reading books, businessmen have meetings and young couples enjoy dating. The library is a popular place in the town for people to be relaxed and refreshed.

A public library that welcomes tourists

Tourists can easily use Takeo City Library as well. Once you make a Member’s Card (resident card or visa is necessary), you can borrow books even though you are not a citizen of the city. If you stay at the Takeo Hot Spring Street, you can find return posts at the information office. A delivery service is also available for returning books later.
The library has power source spots, and you can use Wi-Fi too, so it’s convenient for getting travel information.

There are books, magazines and stationary for sale as well. Why not look for books or for souvenirs of your trip?


Of course, because it’s a library, local people enjoy coming here too. It is easy to see local citizens reading newspapers, and high school or university students studying hard. Please keep in mind that talking loud or talking pictures are prohibited (I got special permission to take these pictures).

Takeo City Library is a rare place where historical cultures and up-to-date trends are blended in harmony. After its renewal in April 2013, the library has attracted more citizens and visitors who had never been here before.
Please visit Takeo City Library, a place which is attracting attention from people all over Japan!


Takeo City Library

Address:Oji-takeo 5304-1, Takeo Town, Takeo City, Saga Prefecture
Opening Hours:9:00~21:00
Closed Days: None
Credit Card:YES
Closest Station:JR Sasebo Line, Takeo Onsen Station
Access:15-min walk from Takeo Onsen Station South Exit
Phone Number: 0954-20-0222
Official Website:

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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