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Four Tourists Take A Tour Of Wakura Onsen!

Four Tourists Take A Tour Of Wakura Onsen!

Translated by Briony Dunbar

Written by Ito Kentaro

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Join us in a unique recount of four different people from four different nations visiting the Wakura Onsen!


Four tourists from different countries visited the Hokuriku region’s well known hot spring "Wakura Onsen" (和倉温泉), as featured in MATCHA in March. It is full of charms such as gushing hot springs, the rich happiness from the bay that lays before your eyes, unique sweets that you can only taste at Wakura Onsen, and so on. We will report on the trip taken together with MATCHA of Wakura Onsen.

Excited for our first hot spring experience!

The four people who visited Wakura Onsen are Bichuu (Taiwan), Brenna (Australia), Erika (Spain) and Gabriel (Brazil). How did they enjoy Wakura Onsen?


From second on the left: Bichuu, Brenna, Erika, Gabriel

・"I'm excited because I love hot springs! I’ve heard that Wakura Onsen’s baths are salty!" - Brenna (Australia)
・"My first ever hot spring! I’m so looking forward to it!" - Erika (Spain)

Time to introduce the spots visited on the tour, along with the participants’ impressions!

Janome Sushi

"Janome Sushi" - where you can try sushi made with ingredients gathered from the Noto area. You can also see lots of people from the local area. There were participants on the tour who had experienced sushi many times before, but they ate while checking the correct way of eating sushi using an article published by MATCHA.

Reference article:


・"This is the tastiest sushi I have ever eaten. The conveyor belt sushi I ate yesterday is now an entirely different cuisine! -laugh-" Bichuu (Taiwan)
・"The owner was very friendly. Sushi made by chefs with years of experience feels quite different to other sushi!" - Gabriel (Brazil)

Reference article:Feast Yourself With Noto’s Freshest Seafood at Janome Sushi

Yuttari Park

Near the magnificent Nanao Bay is Yuttari Park, where you can enjoy taking a foot bath. Unfortunately on the day we went it was raining so the view wasn’t as great, but seeing the sea shrouded by fog was also wondrous. At first the water felt hot, however as we bathed the heat became pleasant.


・"The fact you can enjoy scenery this beautiful and foot baths for free is amazing! I’d still come even if I had to pay 1000 yen!" - Bichuu (Taiwan)
・"This is the first time I’ve been to hot springs, so instead of soaking my whole body straight away, getting to try it out with just my feet is nice!" - Erika (Spain)

Reference article:Warm up with foot baths and hand baths

Sweets Meguri

"Wakura Sweets Meguri", where you can enjoy three sweets for 500 yen. Their taste is created using only ingredients from Wakura.


・"The not too sweet balance of the sweetness of the potato and cream is exquisite!" - Brenna (Australia)
・"I don’t really like milk, but Noto milk is tasty!" - Erika (Spain)

Reference article:Eat Delicious Sweets Around in Wakura City

Japanese Style Inn

The epitome of Wakura Onsen is the Japanese inn (旅館/ryokan), which boasts of some of the best hospitality in Japan. There are hot springs you can bathe in whilst admiring the sea, food that is made with plentiful local ingredients, and on top of that, waitresses who wait on your every need: there are lots of elements you can enjoy at Wakura’s Japanese inns!


・"The time I spent admiring the sea whilst wearing a yukata (light cotton kimono) was so enjoyable and calming!" - Brenna (Australia)
・"As I don’t eat meat, the staff kindly arranged a special course with vegetables for me!" - Bichuu (Taiwan)


“LE MUSEE DE H” is Japan’s representative patisserie owned by Mr Hironobu Tsujiguchi, where you can enjoy sweets and desserts. Apparently, there are lots of people who go out of their way to visit Wakura just for this. It’s a spot you absolutely have to visit.


・"The sweets made from local ingredients have such a delicate taste. I want to try them all!" - Gabriel (Brazil)
・"The patisserie’s Mr Tsujiguchi is really famous in Taiwan! I really wanted to come here before." - Bichuu (Taiwan)

Reference article:LE MUSEE DE H, Found Aesthetic Sweets in Wakura

Making onsen tamago

One of the things we wanted to experience at Wakura Onsen is slow boiled eggs (温泉卵/onsen tamago) made using the hot springs. Even though a couple of the participants have been to other hot springs in Japan, they say that Wakura’s onsen tamago are different. While they were cooking, we soaked our feet in the foot baths as we waited.


・"Wakura’s onsen tamago have a slightly salty taste, so you can eat them just as they are!" - Gabriel (Brazil)
・"Although the weather wasn’t great, there was a roof, so waiting for the eggs to cook whilst getting to enjoy the foot baths was awesome!" - Bichuu (Taiwan)

Reference article:Only in Wakura: How to Make Wakura Hot-Spring Eggs


The temple “Seirinji” has highlights such as Gobenden (御鞭殿), where the Emperor of Japan stayed during his crown prince days, and the hills covered in bamboo thickets. Even the tour monitors’ fatigue was healed at the end of the tour, at the temple with a typical Japanese atmosphere.


・"It was so soothing to walk on the hills beyond the temple. I’d like to try meditating here when I come again!" - Gabriel (Brazil)
・"It’s not just that it is very big and astounding, but the location and surroundings' scenery was exceptional and captivating!" - Erika (Spain)

Reference article:Makes you breathe deeply… Visiting "Seirinji" in Wakura

The end of the tour


・"The tour was continuously amazing! You can relax, learn lots about Wakura and Noto, and have a great time. I want to tell lots of people about Wakura Onsen. But I also think that I’d like it to not become a sightseeing area or artificial, and to not lose its beauty as a small, gentle town!" - Gabriel (Brazil)

・"It’s an amazing place! It’s the most beautiful place I’ve seen during my time in Japan, and it became a valuable experience. It’s not too far from Kanazawa, so if you have have the chance to visit Japan, I really recommend it!" - Brenna (Australia)

・"I loves visiting cultural and traditional places, so for me, it was the greatest place! For people who want to relieve the stress of the city, and people who are searching for a place to relax, I think visiting Wakura Onsen is a great opportunity to do that!" - Erika (Spain)

・"I want to recommend visiting to my friends, it was such an amazing place that I want to visit again!" - Bichuu (Taiwan)

We stayed for one night and two days, but that was more than enough to enjoy Wakura Onsen. This is because Wakura is so compact! Taking a look at the participants impressions, how about planning your own trip to Wakura Onsen?

The information presented in this article is based on the time it was written. Note that there may be changes in the merchandise, services, and prices that have occurred after this article was published. Please contact the facility or facilities in this article directly before visiting.

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