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Takes Just 30 Seconds! How To Make A Chopstick Rest

Takes Just 30 Seconds! How To Make A Chopstick Rest

Takes Just 30 Seconds! How To Make A Chopstick Rest

Translated by Allie

Written by Ai Yoneda

2016.08.05 Bookmark

We will explain how you can make an origami chopstick rest from materials found at any izakaya. Try it yourself and impress your friends!

Translated by Allie

Written by Ai Yoneda


In most Japanese restaurants and at home, a customary part of tableware is the hashioki or chopstick rest. This small piece of wood, plastic or ceramic, often in fanciful shapes, is meant to keep the ends of the chopsticks that touch your food from sitting on a table that might not be as clean as it looks.


Just as in the picture above, the narrower side of the chopsticks sit on the chopstick rest - this is also considered to be more polite than having them on the table or placed haphazardly on your plate.

Although many high-class restaurants provide these items as a standard part of the table setting, most izakaya bars and more reasonably priced shops do not.

But don't worry - you can make your own disposable chopstick rest yourself!


The tool you are going to use is the paper wrapper from your chopsticks. The chopsticks provided at most of the restaurants are put in a paper wrapper like the one in the picture above for cleanliness.

Made from paper, this chopstick rest is easy to adapt to suit your needs - and it's a great way to practice your origami skills.

Let's try to make one together!

1. Fold the Paper Wrapper in Half Horizontally

First, hold the paper so that the longer side is horizontal like in the picture below then fold the paper in half from top to bottom.


Now hold it with open edge at top.


2. Fold it at a 45 Degree Angle

Take the right half of the paper and fold it in the middle of the rectangular section at a 45-degree angle.


A 90 degree angle is seen in the middle like in the picture above.

3. Match the Two Side Edges Together


Bend both the right and left sides so as to match the side edges together perpendicularly. Then, one of the tips is placed inside the other, creating a 90 degree angle.


You will have a shape like this in the picture above.

4. Fold into a Triangle


Next, fold the right angle part you created with two edges into a triangle.

The overlapped part formed by two edges is shaped like a square. Now you fold the corner of this square in half towards the middle to make a triangle.

5. Finished!


Tada! Now you just set the narrow end of your chopsticks down on the part that sort of looks like a mouth.


You will sure make a sensation at a drinking party my making these chopstick rests quickly!

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