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Kana Hanazawa's First Budokan Performance

Kana Hanazawa's First Budokan Performance

Translated by MATCHA

Written by Keishi Kawakami

Tokyo 2015.05.28 Bookmark

Kana Hanazawa is Japanese sing and voice actress. MATCHA has been privilaged to interview her, and report on her performance at Budokan.


Kana Hanazawa is active both as a voice actress and as a singer. MATCHA has had the fortunate to interview her last September and we have received positive responses from our readers.
(Reference:【Interview】Kana Hanazawa -Fusion of Club music and the Voice actress)

This year, she is having her national live tour from 3rdMay. To kick off this tour, the very first concert was held at the apex of all concert halls in Japan -Budokan - which is also known as "holy place" for concerts. We present you a report of this concert.

Start! Climax from the Beginning


As the start time of the live was approaching, Budokan began to be showered with excitement. And just as the clock hit 6pm, Hanazawa appeared in a yellow dress.

The first song "I ♥︎ NEW DAY !" is a song based on the image of a New-York morning. The refreshing melody circled around the stadium while Kanazawa waved as the excitement reached high.

She was singing with a big smile on her face. In response to her joyful dance, the audience was waving their blue light sticks.

The forth song "Ko kyū to su" (briefly translated as "Breathing") is both composed and written by Ms. Yakushimaruetsuko. The fairy-tale-like melody, the charismatic atmosphere, the tender voice of Hanakawa - the song combined all these elements and echoed from the ears to the heart of the audience.

From the start, the live was at its climax point.

The Rich Lineup Charmed the Audience to Awe


One of the characteristic of this live was the rich variety of songs.

The fifth song "Night And Day" was a jazz song for adults, much different from the previous song.

During the tenth song "Tappudansu no oto ga kikoete kitara" (briefly translated as "If you could hear the sounds of a tap dance"), she danced with steps that resembled a Broadway musical and brought the audience to excitement.

There was also "We Are So in Love" which made you just want to jump along with; and after that, "25 Hours a Day", and also "25" from the second album.

During the encore, she sang "Love Circulation", a character song of the character Sengoku Nadeshiko (whom Hanazawa gave voice to) in the anime "Monogatari Series". This was the first time the song was sung live.

This song is one of the most popular songs amongst fans while it had never been sung in live performance before. The audience was so excited as the melody started.

Hanazawa Marching Forward with the Thoughts of Her Fans and Staffs


Towards the end of the live, Hanazawa shared with us her thoughts while biting her words. The period where she thought of giving up as a voice-actress, the manager who supported her; and this time, she finally fulfilled the wish of her manager - "Live at Budokan". She confessed with tears.

Of course, she thanked her fans who came to support her. Although there were some tears, at the end she was again the cheerful Hanazawa we all knew: "Please enjoy yourself as much as you can while supporting me!"

Hanazawa never forgets to show her gratitude to her fans and the people surrounding her. With a tender smile that brings warmth to the people surrounding her, she is going to continue her tour in various places in Japan from June 2015. You still have the chance! If you want to have a look at Hanazawa, come to Japan!


1. I ♥︎ NEW DAY !
2. ほほ笑みモード (Hohoemi mōdo; the Smiling Mode)
3. 運命の女神 (Unmei no megami; the Goddess of Fate)
4. こきゅうとす (Ko kyū to su; Breathing)
5. Night And Day
7. 青い鳥 (Aoi tori; the Blue Bird)
8. 無邪気なキミと真夏のメロディ (Mujakina Kimi to manatsu no merodi; the Melody for the Innocent You and the Mid-Summer)
9. スパニッシュ・アパートメント (Supanisshu apātomento; Spanish Apartment)
10. タップダンスの音が聴こえてきたら (Tappudansu no oto ga kikoete kitara; If you could hear the sounds of a tap dance)
11. Trace
12. Dream A Dream
13. We Are So in Love
14. 25 Hours a Day
15. Young Oh! Oh!
16. 片思いが世界を救う (Kataomoi ga sekai o sukuu; Save the World with an One-Sided Love)
17. Merry Go Round
18. 君がいなくちゃだめなんだ (Kimi ga inakucha damena nda; Lost Without You)
En1. 恋愛サーキュレーション (Ren'ai sākyurēshon; Love Circulation)
En2. Saturday Night Musical♪
En3. 恋する惑星 (Koisuruwakusei; A Love Planet)
En4. 星空☆ディスティネーション (Hoshizora ☆ disutinēshon ; A Starry Sky: Destination)
En5. I ♥︎ NEW DAY!


Kana Hanazawa live 2015 “Blue Avenue”
. 6thJune, 2015 (Sat) @ Fukuoka Civic Hall, the Grand Hall (Fukuoka)
Door Opens: 17:00, Performance: 18:00
. 14thJune, 2015 (Sun) @ Grand Cube Osaka (Osaka)
Door Opens: 17:00, Performance: 18:00
. 20thJune, 2015 (Sun) @ Nagoya Civic Hall (Nagoya)
Door Opens: 17:00, Performance: 18:00
. 12thJuly, 2015 (Sun) @ Izumi 21, the Grand Hall (Sendai)
Door Opens: 17:00, Performance: 18:00
[The Webpage for Live]
The Official Site of Kana Hanazawa live 2015 “Blue Avenue” (Japanese Only)
[Ticket Price] All reserved, 7,344Yen (tax included)
[Sites to buy ticket] (Japanese Only)
Ticket Bia
Lawson Ticket
Hot Stuff Ticket

[Concert-concerned Inquiries]
Fukuoka: Kyodo Nishinihon (092-714-0159)
Osaka: Yumebanchi (Osaka) (06-6341-3525)
Nagoya: Sunday Fork Promotion (052-320-9100)
Sendai:GIP (022-222-9999)

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