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New Starbucks Christmas Goods And Nutty White Chocolate Beverages

New Starbucks Christmas Goods And Nutty White Chocolate Beverages

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This year, Starbucks Japan releases a second series of Christmas goods. The new products will be released at the end of November together with two new Christmas-inspired drinks: the Nutty White Chocolate Frappuccino and the Nutty White Chocolate Mocha.

Starbucks Japan just announced the second part to their Christmas goods release as well as their time-limited Christmas beverages both going on sale on November 22, 2019.

Nutty White Chocolate Frappuccino and Mocha

Starbucks Christmas Part 2

The Nutty White Chocolate Frappuccino and Nutty White Chocolate Mocha will be the official Starbucks drinks leading up to Christmas.

The Nutty White Chocolate Frappuccino (Tall 590 yen plus tax) will have white chocolate and hazelnut flavor mixed with roasted hazelnuts and crunchy shortbread bits. It does not contain coffee or espresso.

The Nutty White Chocolate Mocha (Short 450 yen, Tall 490 yen, Grande 530 yen, Venti 570 yen plus tax) has an espresso latte base with the same hazelnut white chocolate flavor. It does not contain the crunchy add-ins of the frappuccino.

Both versions are topped with whipped cream and shiny sprinkles in three different colors. The decoration is supposed to suggest the image of twinkling Christmas lights.

Starbucks Christmas Goods Part Two

Starbucks Christmas Part 2

The new Starbucks Christmas goods are as follows:

1. Lace Tumbler 355 ml - 1,800 yen plus tax

2. Heat-resistant Heart-Shaped Glass Mug 355 ml -2,400 yen plus tax

3. Cutlery Set - 2,000 yen plus tax

4. Snowdome TOGO RED CUP - 3,900 yen plus tax

5. Set of three 2020 STARBUCKS COFFEE New Year's Cards - 1,000 yen plus tax

6. White Crystal Ribbon Mug 296 ml - 2,000 yen plus tax

7. Pink and Silver Curved Stainless Bottle 355 ml - 3,900 yen plus tax

8. Brilliant Pink Mug 355 ml - 2,000 yen plus tax

9. Pink Slim Stainless Bottle 400 ml - 4,000 yen plus tax

10. White One-touch Stainless Bottle 350 ml - 3,950 yen plus tax

11. Pearl Stainless Tumbler 355 ml - 3,400 yen plus tax

12. Bearista Snowdome Tumbler 355 ml - 2,300 yen plus tax

13. Purple Pearl Stainless Mug 355 ml - 2,600 yen plus tax

14. Canister with Ribbon Lid - 2,400 yen plus tax

15. Mug with whip Lid 355ml - 2,500 yen plus tax

16. Journal Book and Clear Pouch - 2,000 yen plus tax

The beverages, as well as the goods, will be available until December 25, 2019. Please be aware, though, that popular goods tend sell out in the first couple of days.

Starbucks Japan official website: (Japanese only)

Written by Chiara Mischke

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