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Japanese Summers Are How Hot?! Interviews With International Residents

Japanese Summers Are How Hot?! Interviews With International Residents

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Summer in Japan is well-known for being hot and humid... but what is it really like? Listen to the advice of these international students from around the world talking about their experience of a Japanese summer.

Although opinions vary widely depending on who you speak with, the vast majority will agree that Japan's summers are most known for their high temperatures and high humidity. Thanks to this, conditions like heatstroke are very common and feature on the news regularly from July through to early September.

What do visitors to Japan think about the weather in summer? We hit the streets and interviewed several international students to hear what they have to say about summer in Japan. Keep their opinions in mind when you're planning your trip to Japan!

Veronika, a Student from Russia


Hello. First, I'd like to ask you to introduce yourself.
I'm Veronika, from Moscow, Russia. You can call me Nika. I came to Japan at the end of last year to study in Japan.

Russia is known to be a cold country, even among European countries. When you came to Japan, what impression did you get from the climate compared to Russia?
Back home, winter is cold and summer is cool; so I was surprised at the humidity when I first arrived here.

Is Japan's summer hotter than anything you'd ever experienced up until that point?
I think it was. I felt like I was having a hard time breathing in the heat. I thought that it would be hard to walk around outside like that all day, so whenever I was out I would spend a lot of time inside buildings with air-conditioner.

It's hot even for Japanese people, so staying in air-conditioned places is a big part of coping with the heat.

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