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Pepsi Sparkling Christmas - Cola Infused With Grape Flavor

Pepsi Sparkling Christmas - Cola Infused With Grape Flavor

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2019.12.03 Bookmark

Pepsi Japan always experiments with unique flavors. For the Christmas season 2019, they are offering a grape-flavor infused cola to get you into the holiday spirit.

Pepsi Japan is never shy of experimenting with flavors. The past has seen "Pepsi Cherry Blossom", "Pepsi Ghost" with mystery flavor and "Pepsi Christmas Coke".

Pepsi Sparkling Christmas - Cola Infused With Grape Flavor

Picture courtesy of Pepsi Japan

For the Christmas season in 2019, Pepsi has released Pepsi Sparkling Christmas (140 yen plus tax) with grape flavor. However, it is not your common popular Japanese grape-flavored soda. Pepsi Sparkling Christmas is actually cola infused with a grape flavor.

The combination of the two makes for a unique flavor experience. It creates a mellow, fruity, slightly-tart cola flavor and it might be something to consider even for people who usually don't like the taste of Pepsi.

Pepsi Sparkling Christmas will only available during the holiday season.

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Written by Chiara Mischke

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