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Hobonichi Planner: A Japanese Journal

Hobonichi Planner: A Japanese Journal

Translated by MATCHA

Written by UCHACA

2015.06.03 Bookmark

Hobonichi is a detailed Japanese journal that lets users plan and log their agendas for daily life.


Do you remember the recent moments in your life where you felt happy, or shocked?
Life is busy, and time never stops. We would like to record something so that we can have a reminder of it somewhere, someday. However, despite many of us have this thought, few can realize it- we just let time slip between our fingers day by day.
The same comes to the Japanese. Each year, countless schedules and related goods are sold; many books about time management become best sellers. Amongst all these methods, one is highly embraced by a lot of Japanese including the celebrities – the “Hobonichi Techo” (meaning “almost-daily planner”).

This will Become a Book About Me - the “Hobonichi Techo”


~I wake up every morning to experience the thing we call “life”. Work, entertainment, memories and plans – they are all recorded in this book. I will read it later – this book that will be all-about-me.~

“Hobonichi Techo” is launched by the Web media “Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shimbun” (‘Almost’ Daily Itoi News). It is a website that recommends ways to enjoy our daily lives. It sells a lot of interesting goods and “Hobonichi Techo” is one of them. Fans even give the item a nickname –“Hobonichi” (a shorten term).
This phrase is written on the official website. What kind of schedule will appears in your head?


The line up of the 2015 series'
From the left: “WEEKS”, “Hobonichi Planner”, “Cousin”, “Original”

There are many versions of “Hobonichi”: the “original” where you can record one day per page. There is a lot of space, so you don't have to plan before you start to write: you can just draw pictures, stick tickets and pictures however you like.
“Cousin” is in A5 size and can also be used to record a day by a page. Since it is bigger in size, you have even more creative freedom; and it is perfect for both personal use or at the office.
The black one is “Hobonichi Planner”. It is the English version of “Original”. The national holidays of many countries are included; and you can note down what you have eaten in the section with a dinner sign, making this version livelier.
For "WEEKS", the left page is for weekly plan while the right page is printed with squares where you make memo in. It is very thin and light; but because the attention paid to create it, you can still write down a lot of stuffs.

The Four Secrets of the “Hobonichi” Experience

One day per page, Hobonichi allows you to record your life however you like.

Secret No. 1.
Lay-Flat Binding. Effortless to open the pages.


Hobonichi Techo is created by a special technique called “Lay-Flat Binding”. This allows the book to open and lay flat without being held down so you can write leisurely. The papers are also of very durable quality, so you can paste as many pictures as you want for your memories.
*For the thin and light “WEEKS”, it is not produced by this method.

Secret No. 2.
The durable but light papers allow you carry it around effortlessly.


Hobonichi Techo is made from the paper produced by the paper-maker “Tomoegawa”. Being thin and durable, it is the same paper that is being used by dictionaries and bonds. Despite being so very thin, ink will not pass to the other side of the page. Because of this special paper, Hobonichi Techo is able to be light in weight despite having many pages.
In order to make a planner that the users can enjoy, the key points are “easy to carry” and “easy to write” – one of the answers is its paper.

Secret No. 3
“Daily quotes” that echoes in our hearts, the pleasure to turn over the pages


In both Japanese and English, “the words of the day” will echo in your heart and give you a small smile. The words are different every time you turn to a new page.
For example:
“There are times that even when you feel powerless towards yourself, you still can be just a little bit stronger for the sake of someone. At that moment, use that power to march forward. “I would like to be someone’s strength” – that’s an instinct embedded within ourselves.
My five-year-old son wakes up very early.
Today he came into the kitchen and said,
“Good morning, Mommy. How’s your confidence today?” Doesn't this cheer you up already?"

What do you think?
“Daily quotes” are all quoted from the website “Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shimbun”. Experience the joy of daily encountering a new phrase of wisdom! (For the English version, all the quotes are written in English.)

Secret No. 4
Choose your favorite cover


You can choose your favorite cover from the yearly lineup. For the 2015 version of “Hobonichi Techo Original”, there are 36 designs to choose from.
Its many pockets, and the pen holder that holds the cover shut, make the cover a resourceful and fun tool to make life more convenient.
You would like to cherish every day – then we recommend you this planner. Even for the people that find it hard to keep a diary, we would still like to recommend it to you. You can buy it at the official website or at the permanent shop “TOBICHI II”.



“Hobonichi” Planner
Official websites: “Hobonichi” Planner 2015; Hobo Nikkan Itoi Shimbun

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