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RinRin Doll: Shinjuku Tourist Spots

RinRin Doll: Shinjuku Tourist Spots

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Do you know who RinRin Doll is? Let's get to know her and her special spot in the heart of Shinjuku!

Translated by MATCHA

Written by MATCHA

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RinRin Doll is a model from Los Angeles, America. However, with her French-doll-like appearance and Lolita fashion, it is as if she is from Tokyo. Her mysterious atmosphere also adds to her charisma.

Even before she came to Japan in 2005, she had always been a big fan of Japanese culture and fashion. And now, based in Tokyo, she is active on the global stage as a model and blogger.

According to her, the charisma of Shinjuku is "Fearless". So what things in Tokyo make her associate with this word?

Guided by RinRin, we begin a tour to explore the fairy tale side of Shinjuku.


RinRin Doll.
From Los Angeles, America. Since she visited Japan for the first time in 2005, she was attracted by the unique fashion and culture of Tokyo. She officially came to Japan in 2010. She is a model of "Angelic Pretty", a Lolita brand that is even famous in America. As a blogger, she spreads Japanese culture to the rest of the world.



This boutique is located inside one of the mansions on the Meijidōri (Meji Street), which is a 5-minute walk from the Shinjuku station.
Crimson curtain, antique furniture and tools. On this floor, there is a massive display of original corsets, tights and accessories. Since RinRin visited Tokyo for the first time 10 years ago, she has been friends with the shop owner, Bambi.
The clothes here are not only confined to Lolita fashion - there is also an elegant cafe area where you can take a look at some unique corsets.
For tea-time, please try "Moffuru", a famous dessert that is recommended by RinRin.


Besides corsets, there is also a rich collection of accessories. A good place to look for party items.


Surrounded by antiques that resemble the Middle-Age Europe, you will have a taste of being a princess.

"There are corsets and accessories that can only be found here. This is the perfect place to find accessories for parties and shooting," said RinRin. She is famous in the world of Lolita fashion and she hosts tea party around the world. We cannot wait to see how she will dress up for the next event.

Besides the items, what is the charisma of this shop?
RinRin: Of course there is the atmosphere of this shop that transports you to another world. In addition, I feel like this is a hidden spot - a secret spot only for me.


Address: 303 Onishi Building, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 5-32-6
Tel: 03-6380-5587Holiday: Wednesday
Opening Hours: 13:30 - 23:30 (Monday to Saturday, from 21:00 open the cafe is open)
13:30 - 21:00 (Sunday)
Official homepage: abilletage

Alice's Fantasy Restaurant

The is "Alice's Fantasy Restaurant", a restaurant which is very close to the Shinjuku station. Hidden away from noisy crowd in the Kabukicho, this place is located underground and it is a door to the world of picture books. Upon opening the door, the first thing you see is a vivid reception in crimson.

Like its name suggests, this is a restaurant based on the theme of a famous fairy tale. With the fantasy world around you, you will find yourself indulge in a playful mood.

Both "eggplant and beef spagetti in Ragu sauce" and "avocado and fried shrimp rice roll" take the shape of a Cheshire Cat. Taste this playful menu and feel like you are an inhabitant of this world.


The geometry designs gives the courtyard a mysterious atmosphere.


Not just the playful menu name, it is also a pleasure to look at the dishes!

French and Italian dishes are prepared based on the theme of "delicious and cute". Beyond the cute outlooks, a lot of vegetables are also used to make the dishes healthy. There is also a menu to sing to Alice. Enjoy special days like birthday and anniversary, and the days of "nothing"!

What aspects of "Alice's Fantasy Restaurant" appeal to you as "Japanese"?
RinRin: From the shop interior to the food that are infused with playfulness, this dedication to create an "other-world" is very Japanese. This attention to details, along with the hospitality of the place, altogether I think they symbolize Japanese culture.


"Alice's Fantasy Restaurant"

Opening Hours:17:00〜23:30(Mon〜Fri L.O.22:30)
16:00〜23:30(Sat, Sun, Holiday  L.O.22:30)
Holidays: No ※subjects to the restaurant
Official Homepage:Alice's Fantasy Restaurant

Isetan, Shinjuku Branch. Main Building 1F


The cosmetics floor on the first floor of the main building of Isetan in Shinjuku is one of the places in Japan that has the biggest collection of cosmetic bands. It is the place where RinRin enhances her charisma: her beautiful skin and spectacular eyelashes.

"This is the place where I can find special brand and items that cannot be found in other places. Along with the helpful service of the staff, this place becomes my favorite."
Among all the brands, her favorite is "Anna Sui", a brand that seems to come directly from a fairy tale to capture the hearts of girls.
The "foundation primer" where high moisturizing effect can be expected; the "liquid foundation" where you can achieve both clarity and coverage, the "cream eye shadow" which you can play with a rich color collection. The is also the mascara to finish your makeup.


At the romantic counter of , you can indulge yourself in the mood of a princess.


At the cosmetics floor at Isetan Shinjuku, there is also events and exhibitions of seasonally limited goods.
The is the holy place for ladies where you can encounter cosmetics from all over the world. Once you step in, you find yourself staring at mirrors and losing track of time.
Here, you can also try out the latest cosmetics and the limited items. RinRin's favorite is , a brand with cute packaging. With a rich collection from romantic lipstick to face powder, you will always want to use its products in front of your friends.

To RinRin, what kind of shop is the cosmetics floor of Isetan, Shinjuku?
RinRin: It collects cosmetics from all over the world so it is fitting to call it the one-stop shopping for beauty! Every time I visit, I can't help but buying something new!


Isetan, Shinjuku Branch. Main Building 1F
Address:Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 3-14-1
Hours:10:30 – 20:00
Holidays: irregular
Official Homepage:Isetan, Shinjuku Branch



At last, we would like to ask: what is a "street of Shinjuku" in RinRin's mind?
RinRin: The pop culture and entertainment of Japan; and one of the top shopping areas within the country. Shinjuku has it all: its energy and its wonderful street. It is also famous among tourists but if you look further, you will encounter spots that are yet to be discovered. The Shinjuku that is filled with surprises - that's one of my favorite streets.

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