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Jardin de LUSEINE: Elegant French Cuisine (Harajuku)

Jardin de LUSEINE: Elegant French Cuisine (Harajuku)

Translated by MATCHA

Written by HashimotoAkane

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Looking for a special place to take that special person? Jardin de LUSEINE in Harajuku is a great option, located on The Path of Brahms.


Harajuku is often associated with shopping with places like "Takeshita Street" and "Laforet Harajuku". It is also the place where unique fashions can be spotted - no wonder it is known as the origin of trendy fashion!


Do you know that there is an elegant French restaurant just next to this busy Takeshita Street?

Exit the Hustle, Enter a Mini-Europe


Get away from the hustle and bustle of Takeshita Street and enter a path which leads you to a different world - the green of plants and the light red of bricks.
This is "Jardin de LUSEINE", while conveniently located in Harajuku, it is surrounded by a nostalgic atmosphere where you can spend some lovely time.

This area is known as "the path of Brahms" and it appears as if it is not part of Japan.

To be able to be so different from Takeshita Street despite the short distance, it feels as if the place itself is cast with magic.


This beautiful building appears to be a Western antique building directly transported to Japan from Europe. For a moment, you will forget that you are just next to Takeshita Street. With a luxurious interior and a beautiful scenery, Lolita tea party is sometime held here.
This place is introduced by the guidebook "Lolita in Tokyo Wonderland" as well- definitely a holy place for Lolita!

Ref: "Lolita in Tokyo Wonderland": a Guidebook of Lolita's Holy Land

An Elegant Time Between the Shopping Hours


Inside the large interior of this restaurant, beautiful chairs and tables will make your meals more delicious. The soft light filtered by the window will also calm down your mind.


For the tea-time today, we have this cute dessert in red and white, "OLD Fashion Strawberries and Whipped Cream Charlotte". (1,200yen/ Coffee-set: 1,500 yen)

It is not too sweet. The mouthful of fluffy whipped cream, the generous portion of strawberries - it is such a cute dessert. The strawberries are also cut into a size that is easy to eat, you will find your hands keep moving with the dessert folk...

In "Jardin de LUSEINE", you can enjoy lunch and dinner as well. Whether it is a plate or a full-course, you can enjoy the French cuisine here the way you like.

Listen to the tender sounds of piano while you are eating.


This piano is a usual fixture and you can always hear piano performance while eating. Moreover, if you look around the beautiful restaurant, you will be able to spot a lot of artworks.


Food, Music and Art. It is a luxurious place where you can experience these three elements at the same time.

Try Out "Jardin de LUSEINE" if you are in Harajuku


This French restaurant "Jardin de LUSINE" has been open for 22 years already with all the friendly staff.
While Opera concert is a regular performance every Wednesday, there are also other events such as Lolita event where you can enjoy yourself in different ways.

It is a place that you won't forget once you have come. Visit between your shopping hours and enjoy the lovely events.


Jardin de LUSEINE

Address :1-15-14 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Opening Hours:lunch 11:30~14:30L.O./dinner 14:30~17:00/tea 18:00~22:00(21:30L.O.)
Holiday :Monday(If it is public holiday, Tuseday)
Credit Card:acceptable
Station:"Harajuku" station of JR/ "Jingumae" station of Tokyo Metro
Access:3-min walk from Takeshita exit of Harajuku station of JR/"Jingumae" station of Tokyo Metro
Official HP:Jardin de LUSEINE

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