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Sake Brewery Hopping In Saijo, Hiroshima - Enjoy Japanese Rice Wine!

Sake Brewery Hopping In Saijo, Hiroshima - Enjoy Japanese Rice Wine!

Hiroshima 2018.10.13

Saijo in Higashi Hiroshima City is one of Japan's most well-known sake towns. In addition to Fushimi and Nada, Saijo is one of the best places to find delicious sake and tour different breweries of rice wine.

Translated by Amanda

Written by 岡部 遥佳

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Saijo, A Famous Sake Town in Japan


Located in Higashi Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture, is Saijo, an area known as sake town.

Sake is a Japanese alcoholic beverage made from rice and is produced all over the country. Saijo is known for having the optimal attributes for sake making: a suitable climate, and good quality water. Hence, many sake manufacturers are gathered at Saijo.

For example, a short walk from Saijo Station on JR Sanyo Main Line is a street called Sake Brewery Street. Here you can find many breweries where sake is produced and stored.

This time, we visited five sake breweries located near Saijo Station: Hakubotan Brewery, Saijo Tsuru Brewery, Kirei Brewery, Fukubijin Brewery, and Kamotsuru Sake Brewery.

*The breweries introduced in this article are written in order of the writer's visit.

Next PageIn the next page, we will be introducing sake breweries near Saijo Station!
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