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Daikanyama Tempu - Taste Authentic Osaka-Style Takoyaki!

Daikanyama Tempu - Taste Authentic Osaka-Style Takoyaki!

Translated by MATCHA

Written by MATCHA

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Takoyaki is one of the famous dishes of Osaka. Join us as we sample the delicious takoyaki of Daikanyama Tempu in Shibuya, a store owned by a chef born in Osaka!


Takoyaki, the famous dish of Osaka, is the kind of cuisine that best represents "flour-cuisine" (Japanese cuisine that uses wheat flour as a main ingredient) and is being enjoyed everywhere in Japan, Tokyo included.

However, those born in Osaka or other cities in the Kansai (Western Japan) region often say that the takoyaki made in Tokyo is generally not authentic enough. According to them, the dish has been adapted to the taste of the people in Tokyo.

Even so, there is a takoyaki house in Tokyo that is highly regarded by the people from Western Japan. This store is Daikanyama Tempu, located a 6-minute walk from Shibuya Station or a 9-minute walk from Daikanyama Station.

We recommend this place especially to visitors who are staying in Tokyo and would like to taste authentic Osaka food!


From the west exit of Shibuya Station, walk for a few minutes along the Yamanote Line towards the direction of Ebisu. You will soon reach Tempu.


The counter seats can only accommodate 10 people. While you can sit down to eat, as the customers increase you will need to eat standing. This atmosphere, reminding of the summer festivals, is one of the important features of Tempu.

It is also possible to take tables and chairs outside the shop and eat there (*until 10 PM). During the summer, you can enjoy the night breeze while eating outside. It is a really enjoyable experience!


Drinks are available in the self-service system. You can take soft drinks directly out of the fridge inside the shop or fill up your beer at the bar. You can chat with other customers, as such conversations occur naturally. This atmosphere is one of the charms of Tempu.

The Secret of Delicious Osaka Takoyaki


The takoyaki are being cooked masterfully in front of the customers. We asked the owner, Mr. Sakuramoto, where he had been trained. He told us that, back in the days when he was in Osaka, he used to be a salaryman. He had no official training to become a takoyaki chef.

"Making takoyaki is something that you learn on the way when you live in Osaka", he said with a shrug. In Osaka, he saw how takoyaki is made at famous stores. After that, he developed his own style of making takoyaki, calling it "Tempu".

This original type of takoyaki that can only be savored at Tempu is one that combines the "original" and "traditional" styles of authentic takoyaki.

Let us introduce the features of Tempu takoyaki.

Takoyaki Sauces


To start with, please taste the standard sauce (500yen). These are the hot and soft takoyaki that taste just like the ones of Osaka. The dough is flavored with broth and its taste is further enhanced by a sweet-hot sauce.
The big octopus, the crunchy bits of tenkasu (tempura dough), the red ginger - this is the traditional Takoyaki. This is a taste that you won't get tired of no matter how many times you eat this dish.

A Special Dish - Salty Olive


One of the features of Tempu is the fact that the chefs communicate directly with the customers. Since many customers are food experts, they can exchange ideas about the menu and other advice.

Salty Olive (600yen) is a dish that has been created based on the advice of a regular customer. It is a surprising, great combination of takoyaki, rock salt and olive oil.

If you pick up a takoyaki with your chopsticks and lift it to your mouth, your appetite will be increased by the aroma of the olive oil. The rock salt also enhances the taste of olives and the texture of the dough.


Once you hold the takoyaki with your chopsticks, you will notice how soft they are.

The Ginger Soup-Based Soy Sauce from Hyogo


The Ginger Soy Sauce from Hyogo (600yen) is a summer-limited dish. It contains takoyaki, which is flavored with a soup-based sauce that has a tinge of ginger.

Different from the normally thick soy sauce, this soup-based sauce is light. The ginger also leaves a fresh aftertaste that is great in the summer.

Spicy Sauce from Kyoto (500yen) is another summer-limited dish that is very popular among the customers of Tempu!

The Friendship between the Owner and the Customers


Facing the seats in Tempu is a wall adorned with many name-cards of regular customers. This type of connection between the store and the customers was the idea of the owner. There are many regular customers who often come to Tempu. There are even dishes that are born out from the suggestion of the customers.

Tempu is a really cozy place, loved by many customers from Tokyo and from overseas. Next time when you come to Shibuya or Daikanyama, do visit Tempu and enjoy the great takoyaki and the friendliness of this shop!


Daikanyama Tempu

Address: Tokyo, Shibuya, Sarugakucho 1-5
Busines Hours: Monday - Saturday 7 PM - 3 AM (L.O. 2 AM); Sundays, public holidays 7 PM - 12 AM (L.O. 11 PM)
Nearest station: Shibuya Station; Daikanyama Station on the Toyoko Line
Access: 6-minute walk from Shibuya Station New South Exit; 9-minute walk from Shibuya Station West Exit; 9-minute walk from Daikanyama Station
Price: 500 - 2,000 yen
Tel: 080-3348-5799

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