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Minoo Falls, Osaka's Hidden Oasis

Minoo Falls, Osaka's Hidden Oasis

Translated by Jelena Kitamura

Written by Haruka

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Although Osaka has many facilities for shopping and entertainment, it also has plenty of mesmerizing nature to boast about. Today, we will introduce Minoo Falls, Osaka's hidden gem whose beautiful scenery changes with each season.


Let us guess what crosses your mind first upon hearing the word Osaka – “a metropolis”, “a place to shop”, or the very popular “a place to financially and physically ruin yourself by overeating”? Are we close?

Pardon us for saying this, but actually, there is much more to Osaka than its urban charms. One place that immediately comes to mind is Minoo City with its stunning Minoo Falls. As a matter of fact, you can explore the magnificent natural wonders of Osaka to your heart’s content.

You might have already seen one of our previous articles on the momiji (maple leaf) tempura serving restaurant, located just at the entrance to the Minoo Waterfall.

If not, you can take a look at it by following this link: Maple Leaf Tempura!? Eating Maple Leaves In Minoo, Osaka

This time, however, we will be following the mountain path deep, deep into the forest, starting from that very restaurant, Hisakuni Kosendo.

A Pleasant Walk to the Falls, With Foot Baths and Restaurants!

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So, let us begin our short walk from Minoo Station. The path that leads to Minoo Falls from Minoo Station is called “the falls path”, and you’ll get on it as soon as you head towards the mountains.

Of course, there are plenty of interesting places on the way you’ll feel enchanted by and probably won’t be able to resist entering.


This is Café and Bar Hashimototey, a former ryokan built in the traditional style, which was renovated into a multipurpose facility with a charming café and a variety store.


And, facing Hashimototey on the other side of the road, is a free ashiyu place (foot-bath spot).


Also, for all those insect-lovers out there, you’ll be thrilled to find out there is an insect-facility with a greenhouse, where you’ll become enamored with all the lovely butterflies flying around.


Other than that, you’ll find a resting and dining place, Otowa Sanso, nearby, with an alluring view of the river and mesmerizing greenery. An enticing combination of “western” and “Japanese” spirits harmoniously rules the ambiance of this spot – with its luxurious yet tranquil atmosphere, it will surely enrich your traveling experience.

There is one more crucial thing about this facility we just have to tell you – at Otowa Sanso you can enjoy a refreshing glass of beer while soaking your feet in the ashiyu! It would have been a great shame if we didn’t share such a valuable piece of information, don’t you agree?

Many Faces of the Minoo Falls

And, what awaits at the end of the path to the falls, is the scenery we’ve been expecting – the Minoo Falls. You can take your walk to see the falls in any season since the path is open all year round. It must be an unforgettable experience to go take a look at the astonishing scenery as it changes during each of the seasons! Why don’t you get your walking shoes ready and go explore that magical world, hidden in the mountains?


During May, nature cloaks this area in a the beautiful garment made of vividly green sprouts, fresh air and new plants and trees. A hike in this season can get you your dose of freshness and help you absorb the nature’s rejuvenating spirit.


In the autumn, the waterfall won’t fail to answer your Japanese autumn foliage related expectations – just take your time to immerse yourself in all that bright red scenery.


Finally, visit the falls in the winter, and you’ll be enchanted by completely different fairytale-like surroundings! Since Minoo is situated in a mountain area, it is blessed with lots of snow during the cold season, which results in this kind of magical and hypnotizing views.

Actually, we’ve had some experience with residing in Minoo area, and we can tell you that it is sometimes quite scary to travel by motorcycle here during the slippery winter season. Our advice is to choose the train for your mode of transportation here since it is the safest bet at any time of year.

Away from the City’s Hustle and Bustle and Into the Nature of Minoo!

To tell you the truth, this article might not be able to accurately represent Minoo’s everyday atmosphere as a lot of information has to fit within such a tight space, but Minoo will let you take in nature’s peaceful and serene feeling and spend your day(s) engrossed in natural wonders.

Don’t miss the chance to take a break from the city’s tumult and spend a day or two at Minoo Falls, surrounded by the soothing landscape of Minoo!

Head to Osaka’s hidden treasure – it's natural wonders are brimming with life and will lift your spirits and recharge your physical and spiritual batteries.


Minoo Falls
Nearest Station: Minoo Station, Hankyu Railway
Access: 1 minute walk from Minoo Station of Hankyu Railway to the starting point of the falls path
Website: Minoo City Official Page

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