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Coca Cola Strawberry - Sweet, Fruity, And Energizing

Coca Cola Strawberry - Sweet, Fruity, And Energizing

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2020.01.09 Bookmark

Coca Cola Japan will release a new strawberry-flavored beverage for spring 2020. This beverage promises to be a perfect refreshment for everyone who likes unique flavors.

Coca Cola Japan is about to release its first new flavor for 2020. After the success of the Coca Cola Apple released in the fall of 2019, Coca Cola Strawberry is supposed to be the flavor of spring.

Coca Cola Strawberry

Picture courtesy Coca Cola

Just like its predecessors, the fruit flavor will be infused into the beverage with the signature Coca Cola taste. The fruity flavor is supposed to make the popular beverage enjoyable even for persons who usually don't drink cola beverages.

Coca Cola Strawberry will be available for a limited time period from January 20th, 2020. It is only available in 500 ml bottles for about 140 yen plus tax/bottle.

Written by Chiara Mischke

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