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"Tonkatsu Tonki", the Deep-Fried Pork of 74 Years in Meguro

Translated by MATCHA

Written by NakagawaAyana

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A step from the main road in front of Meguro station, you will see the huge entrance of "Tonkatsu Tonki". It was founded in 1939, and through its history of 74 years, it has offered timeless and authentic Japanese tastes in its "tonkatsu"(deep-fried pork).

The Excitement of Waiting for Your Tonkatsu

In "Tonki", the 1st floor is counter seats while the 2nd floor is table seats. It is easier to be seated on the 2nd floor; so if you are eager to eat the tonkatsu, we recommend the 2nd floor to you.

But you have time, please try the counter seats on the 1st floor!


The cook are working hard in silence in the tidy open kitchen. If you sit at the counter seats, you can peek at their cooking scene.

This is the reason why there are always people lining up for the first floor. The customers line up by the wall inside the restaurant to get seated accordingly.

Of course you can enjoy delicious tonkatsu at Tonki, but at the same time you  can also admire the professional skills of the cook here.

The Staff Can Remember the Faces and Orders of All Customers!


Once you enter the restaurant, the staff will ask you about your order. There are three dishes you can choose from: Roasted Tonkatsu(1,900yen), Tonkatsu fillet(1,900yen) and Skewer Tonkatsu(1,400yen).

When you finish your order you can wait for your turn at the bench by the wall. You can wait anywhere you want. It is because no matter where you sit, the staff will remember the order of the customers. This is what we call as professional! Even with 20 customers, the staff can remember your face and order.


So, go sit at the counter seat when you are being called by the staff. If you are by yourself, you can take your time to read the news; or even better, admire how your dish is made by the professional cook.

Tonkatsu by the Professionals: the Crispy Outer Layer and the Thick Meat


The cook who covers tonkatsu with flour, the cook who deep fries them; the cook who cuts them; the one who puts them on the plate. Watch this systemic flow in front of you, and your Dontatsu is already brought to you.


It is free to refill cabbage, and the delicious pork soup can be refilled once. Enjoy all the delicious flavours together!

Before you can ask for the refill, you will already be asked by the staff if you want them. Before you realize, you have already eaten a lot!


Why don't you come to "Tonki" and enjoy the taste that has been fostered by the professionals for 74 years?

In the world of delicious tonkatsu and professional cooking, you will be filled both in your stomach and at your heart!


Tonki, Meguro Branch

Address: Shitameguro 1-1-2, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Hours: 16:00 to 22:45
Closed: Tuesday, the third Monday (Holiday during Obon and the beginning and end of the year)
Credit card: Acceptable
Languages: Japanese, English
Menu in other languages: No
Nearest station: Meguro Station
Access: a 2-minute walk from Meguro Station
Price range: 1,300 ~ 1,900 yen

Tel: 03-3491-9928
Link at "Tabelog": Tonki Meguro branch

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