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Starbucks Valentine's Beverages And Goods - All Hearts And Chocolate

The Valentine's Day beverages released by Starbucks Coffee Japan in 2020 will be all about chocolate. If you want to drink them in style, make sure to pick up one of the beautifully designed heart-themed tumblers as well.


Starbucks Coffee Japan will celebrate Valentine's Day with rich chocolate beverages, cute themed goods, as well as a flavor customizing option.

Starbucks Valentine's Drinks

Picture courtesy Starbucks Coffee Japan

The Chocolate with Almond Praline Frappuccino (tall 590 yen before tax) is a chocolate frappuccino mixed with candied almonds and chocolate sauce. It also contains coffee and caramel sauce. It is an irresistible treat for every chocolate lover.

The Chocolate with Passion Fruit Frappuccino (tall 590 yen before tax) has the same chocolate frappuccino base but is laced with bittersweet passion fruit and chocolate chips. It has a more refreshing twist.

The White Chocolate with Cafe Latte (short 450 yen, tall 490 yen, grande 530 yen, venti 570 yen before tax) is the only hot beverage in the line-up. The espresso coffee and milk mixed with rich white chocolate will warm your heart and stomach.

Starbucks Valentine's Drinks

Picture courtesy Starbucks Coffee Japan

Just for Valentine's Day, the drip coffee and cafe latte at Starbucks stores can be customized with chocolate mousse topping. This option might be enjoyed by everyone who prefers their beverage on the less sweet side but still wants to enjoy a chocolate flavor.

The drip coffee with chocolate mousse topping will retail for 340 yen (short), 380 yen (tall), 420 yen (grande), and 460 yen (venti). Cafe latte with the same topping retails for 390 yen for short, 430 yen for tall, 470 yen for grande and 510 yen for venti.

Starbucks Valentine's Drinks

Picture courtesy Starbucks Coffee Japan

Alongside the new beverages, Starbucks will also release Valentine's Day goods. Here is the line-up:

1. Valentine 2020 tumbler "Charming" 355 ml (1,900 yen before tax)

2. Valentine 2020 stainless tumbler with embossed hearts 355 ml (3,600 yen before tax)

3. Valentine 2020 stainless ToGo logo tumbler "White" 355 ml (3,500 yen before tax)

4. Valentine 2020 stainless bottle "Pink" 350 ml (4,000 yen before tax)

5. Valentine 2020 compact stainless bottle "Heart" 500 ml (4,400 yen before tax)

6. Valentine 2020 stainless bottle "Heart" 355 ml (3,900 yen before tax)

7. Valentine 2020 bottle " Colorful Heart" 473 ml (2,400 yen before tax)

8. Valentine 2020 mug "White" 355 ml (1,800 yen before tax)

9. Valentine 2020 mini plate set of (2,000 yen before tax)

The Valentine's Day beverages and goods will be available from January 17 until February 14, 2020. Limited edition goods sell out fast so make sure to pick up your favorite one quickly.

Starbucks Coffee Japan official website: (Japanese only)

Written by Chiara Mischke

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