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Curry and Bar Mokubaza: Enjoy Modern Japanese Curry In Harajuku

Curry and Bar Mokubaza: Enjoy Modern Japanese Curry In Harajuku

Translated by MATCHA_En

Written by Hiromasa Uematsu

Tokyo 2015.06.29 Bookmark

From India to England to Japan, Japanese curry is a national favorite with a long history. Come to Mokubaza to try a modern take on this internationally loved dish!


Curry, a cuisine imported from India and adapted to the Japanese palate has become a staple of restaurants across the country. Nowadays, it could even be considered as Japanese a dish a sushi or ramen. Today we would like to introduce one of the restaurants that offer "new" Japanese Curry - MOKUBAZA.

A nine minute walk from Harajuku station, MOKUBAZA is located in a quiet residential area of Harajuku. It is a sophisticated cafe, and in fact, used to be just a bar. Its fans hail this restaurant as being a pioneer in modern curry, and thanks to its popularity, they even began offering lunches.

The Stylish Interior


Including both the counter seats and the table seats, there are 25 seats altogether in MOKUBAZA. During the day you can enjoy lunch with your friends at one of their tables, while at night, you can have a drink at the bar and talk to the bartender. No matter when you visit, you will be impressed by the deliciousness of its curry.


The back of the restaurant feels like a private room, it's almost as though you were sitting in your own home.

On the bookshelves, you can find the books about art and design from Japan and overseas. These books add a layer of stylishness to the already sophisticated place.


You will find little items everywhere. The level of detail is very impressive.

The wine bottles also enhance the atmosphere of the place. Bar hours start from 19:30.

Refreshing Spiciness in a Gentle Curry

Cheese Keema Curry


The curries made at MOKUBAZA were first created to match a bar and nighttime setting, so they are just the right level of spicy for a late night treat or lunch. No additives or preservatives are used in the preparation of these curries either, so you can rest assured that you are eating safe, delicious dishes here.

Ten spices are expertly blended together to create a spicy yet mild curry that has a refreshing taste, and pairs well with the carefully selected and prepared meat, eggs, and rice. These ingredients all work together to create an exceptionally flavorful modern take on Japanese curry.

This artfully arranged white dome is none other than MOKUBAZA's most famous dish: Cheese Keema Curry (1120 yen). A layer of cheese keema curry is poured over steamed rice, then topped with mozzarella cheese, and a raw egg.


Mix the ingredients together and voila, you have a delicious and satisfying Japanese curry dish - you will definitely enjoy the rich, melty texture of this curry.

Baked Egg Keema Curry


For those that may not be used to eating raw eggs, the Baked Egg Keema Curry (1050 yen) is our recommendation. The high temperature of the oven further deepens the taste of the spices and brings out the richness of the melted cheese as well. This is a thoroughly enjoyable dish that even children love.


The other joy of this dish is that you can taste the baked crispy cheese.

For the people that cannot eat spicy food, we introduce "chicken curry" to you. The spiciness is mild and it is a sauce-based curry rice, the prototype of regular Japanese curry.

In Harajuku where MOKUBAZA is situated, you will find other unique curry restaurants in the surrounding area. After trying MOKUBAZA, you can try other restaurants and compare their tastes.

We promise that you will discover more about the culture of Japanese curry.


Address: 1F 2-28-12 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Hours: Lunch [Tue-Sat] 11:30-15:00 (LO 14:30)
Bar Time: [Mon-Thurs] 19:30-23:30 (LO 23:00) [Fri-Sat] 19:30-25:00 (L.O 24:30)
Closed: Sundays and public holidays (For Monday, only lunchtime is closed)
Nearest station: JR Harajuku Station, JR Sendagaya Station or Kitasando Station (Fukutoshin Line)
Access: 6 minute walk from Kitasando Station; 9-10 minute walk from Harajuku Station or Sendagaya Station
Phone: 03-3404-2606

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