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Japan Bus Pass: Unlimited Rides on High-Way Busses Around Japan!

Japan Bus Pass: Unlimited Rides on High-Way Busses Around Japan!

Translated by MATCHA

Written by Nakamura Shusuke

2015.06.24 Bookmark

Looking for an affordable way to get around Japan? The Japan Bus Pass is a great option!

"I will only be in Japan for five days, but I would like to visit Tokyo, Nagoya, and even Kyoto..." "I would love to visit more tourist spots...but the transportation fee is too high..." We hear these often from the foreign visitors. This time, we would like to introduce a solution: the "Japan Bus Pass", a pass that allows foreign visitors to have unlimited rides on high-way bus.

Three-day Unlimited Rides at 10,000 yen


"Japan Bus Pass" is introduced by "WILLER EXPRESS", the company that operates high-way buses including night-bus. The pass allows you unlimited rides on high-way buses within a certain period (ticket prices at 10,000 or 15,000 yen) and hence very convenient. Moreover, only foreign visitors can purchase this pass.
*Japanese can not buy or use this pass.

Merit 1: Two Types of Passes to Fit Your Journey

There are two different types of passes so travellers can choose the one fitting for their journey. The 3Days Ticket (10,000yen) allows travel between 2-3 major cities from Tokyo to Osaka; while the 5Days Ticket (15,000yen) allows you to go further including Hiroshima and Niigata. Although it is called a 3Days Ticket, the number of ride is not limited to 3 times. Instead, you can ride how many times you like within these 3 days without any additional fee.

For example, you can get on the "Nagoya Bus" from Tokyo to visit Nagoya during daytime and get on the "Kyoto Bus" in the nighttime on the same day. And in the remaining two days, you can still ride as many times as you want.

*During "Obon"(7th-16thAug), the National Japanese holiday period, the pass cannot be used.
*Pass is valid within two months after purchase.

Merit 2: Access to the Six Major Cities in Japan


With "Japan Bus Pass", you can ride on the high-way buses operated by WILLER EXPRESS and go to six cities in Japan. Besides Tokyo and Kyoto, the other cities are Osaka, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Niigata; moreover, it allows you direct access to Tokyo Disneyland. Just travel around Japan the way you like it.

Merit 3: Save Your Accommodation Fee & Transportation Time!

Night-bus allows you to move around and sleep at the same time, and hence save your time and money! This is expected from nigh-bus, of course; but this is not the only reason "Japan Bus Pass" is recommended.
In contrast to the general image of "tiring" and "boring", the buses operated by WILLER EXPRESS offer comfortable seating.

Relax Seat


"I don't want my sleeping look to be seen!" For customers who think like this, WILLER EXPRESS has especially designed this canopy. This design significantly improves the sleeping quality of the customers.

Theater Seat


Monitor is installed on each seat; you can enjoy movies, games and music on these seats and will never get bored. Time is behind you and without realizing, you are already at the destination.

Use "Japan Bus Pass" to Travel Japan Smartly

The "Japan Bus Pass" that can only be brought by foreign visitors. Transport and accommodation are the essential components of travel and if you can save time and money, your trip will become more enjoyable. For those who have limited budget and time, please try to use "Japan Bus Pass" to enjoy Japan! You definitely can enjoy Japan more.

For details of "Japan Bus Pass", please visit the official homepage of WILLER EXPRESS.
Reference: Use the “Night Bus,” and Save Time and Money

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