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Tokyo Station: See Popular Characters On The Platform Ceiling!

Tokyo Station: See Popular Characters On The Platform Ceiling!

Translated by Greg

Written by UCHACA

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In today's article we'll take you to the Keiyo Train Line's platform in Tokyo Station where there's a well kept secret. Here, if you look up at the ceiling, you can see a host of fairy tale characters silhouetted by the illumination of the lights.


This is the boarding platform for the JR Keiyo Train Line inside Tokyo Station. When heading for Tokyo DisneyLand from one of Tokyo's major stations, such as Shinjuku Station and Shibuya Station, you'll inevitably have to visit this place.

Though it's inside Tokyo Station, the Keiyo Line's platform is located quite far away, and to get here it'll be necessary to walk for a long distance along a concourse. However, on the ceiling of the Keiyo Line's platform, there awaits a secret that will surely soothe those passengers worn out by this long journey.


If you slowly lift your head and look up at the ceiling, you'll see some orange-colored lights lined up one after the other.


Carefully pay attention to the beam of light and... Look! You can see something right inside the light fixture!!


Peter Pan gliding through the air, Pinocchio with his elongated nose sticking straight out, and a cute pumpkin-shaped carriage. These silhouettes emerge from the orange light, looking just like beautifully crafted papercut artwork.

All of the silhouettes are familiar characters from popular fairy tales. There are Disney animation characters as well.

If you hop aboard the Keiyo Line at Tokyo Station, it will take you as far as Maihama Station, the closest stop to Tokyo DisneyLand.

The silhouette characters here have no official connection to the Disney Resort. But apparently when the Keiyo Line's route to Maihama Station opened for service, the station attendants decided to commemorate the event by coming up with this novel idea.

At the present time, it appears that there are less people than before who've taken notice of this unique station feature. However, it's a place where you can sense the pride that the station staff feel for the Keiyo Train Line, and I'm also especially fond of this particular platform area.

If you ever have the opportunity to use Tokyo Station's Keiyo Line platform, please take the time to look up at the interesting artwork on the ceiling, created by the station attendants. Through the light's warm and soft illumination, you'll surely be able to sense the feelings they have for the Keiyo Line and their sentiments towards the characters.


Tokyo Station Premises - Keiyo Train Line Platform
Closest station: Tokyo Station or Yurakucho Station
Access: the Keiyo Line platform inside Tokyo Station

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